FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 9: A 26-year-old man who lashed out at his brother-in-law with a baseball bat has walked free from court.

Aaron Eversley struck Christopher Vonhassell across the head and fractured his skull during a violent argument. Mr Vonhassell had to be airlifted off the island and spent two weeks in intensive care as result of his injuries.

Yesterday at Supreme Court Eversley was handed a conditional discharge on condition he completed a year of probation.

The sentence will also require him to complete 300 hours unpaid work for the community.

The court heard Mr Vonhassell and Eversley lived in adjoining properties in Margarita Lane, Devonshire at the time of the fight.

Mr Vonhassell confronted Eversley on September 10, last year, at his home over a dispute about his property’s Internet connection.

He punched Eversley during the argument, who then picked up the baseball bat that was lying on the floor.

Eversley swung the bat at his brother-in-law, hitting him on the head.

Mr Vonhassell left the property and returned to his home but began to feel unwell later in the day.

He attended hospital where tests revealed a fracture to the skull and bleeding on the brain.

He was airlifted off the island the same day and remained in intensive care in the US for two weeks after the attack. Mr Vonhassell has now recovered but says he still suffers from headaches.

Yesterday Eversley apologized for his actions and maintained he was not a vicious person.


“I hope people do not judge my character on this,” he said. “I am not this kind of person.

“It was a bad case of judgment and I promise it will never happen again.”

His lawyer Liz Christopher told the court the baseball bat had been on the floor because it was a “dog’s chew toy”. She said: “This was merely to do with really silly issues.

“The complainant noticed that one day his Internet was not working and he sought out my client.

“He walked into his house and launched an assault on my client.”

Puisne Judge Charles-Etta Simmons described the offence as “very serious”.

She said: “The defendant would not be facing this sentence had he been more thoughtful.”

Eversley admitted causing actual bodily harm to Mr Vonhassell.