FRIDAY, JUNE 17: A drug smuggler has been jailed for 30 months for bringing nearly $100,000 worth of cannabis resin into Bermuda on a cruise ship.

U.S. Citizen Carnell Jones brought the drugs onto the island in five hollowed out fibre glass hangers, which he hid in his luggage.

Jones travelled to Bermuda with his friend Latrice Bell from Boston on board the Norwegian Dawn.

The pair had previously met an unknown man at a hotel in Boston who handed them the hangers and told them to carry them to Bermuda.

Jones and Bell arrived in Dockyard on June 12, Magistrates’ Court heard today.

Jones then received a phone call from another associate and organised to meet the man in the Botanical Gardens where the drugs were exchanged.

The 39-year-old was paid $7,000 for completing the sale. He then went to Western Union and tried to transfer the cash to his wife.

However staff became suspicious due to the amount of cash he wanted to transfer and so asked him for proof that it was a legitimate income.

He was unable to provide such documentation and so took the cash back to the cruise ship and stashed it in the safe.

Customs officers then raided their cabin on June 13 and found the cash and the broken hangers which contained drug residue.

In interview Jones admitted bringing the drugs into Bermuda and passing them on to another man in the Botanical Gardens.

He said he had done it to pay off a drug debt his brother had racked up in Bermuda. His brother is currently in prison on the island.

Jones claimed that Bell had helped him bring the drugs into Bermuda in her bag and had helped carry them to the botanical gardens.

She denied the claims.

This morning Jones wept in the dock as he was jailed and his co-defendant was given a $1,000 fine.

The father of triplets repeatedly shook his head as the sentences were passed.

Bell, 20, was only charged with possessing a small quantity of cannabis which had been found in the cabin. She told police they had bought the drugs in Sandys and it was for their personal use

Senior Magistrate told Bell: “You should consider yourself a very lucky woman”.

Jones admitted conspiracy to import a controlled drug and trying to remove property from Bermuda which was the proceeds of drug trafficking.