TUESDAY, MARCH 6: A new security council will not just be a talking shop, Governor Sir Richard Gozney said on Tuesday.

Sir Richard added that security at football matches and the jump in the number of burglaries carried out by armed raiders would be among the first subjects tackled by the National Security Council, which will include senior Government figures, police and Government House.

Sir Richard said: “We share responsibility for this — it’s something we have been talking about to Government for a long time.

“The previous Government was more reluctant, but this Government has said ‘yes’ which is good.

“What the National Security Council does is provide a framework for the police leadership, relevant senior politicians, including the Premier, to sit down together, talk about their concerns, focusing on the priorities of the police and how they explain their operations to the public.”

A total of 11 members will sit on the council, including Commissioner of Police Michael DeSilva and CO of the Bermuda Regiment Brian Gonsalves.

Operational and staffing matters will remain outside the remit of the council to preserve the independence of the force.

Mr DeSilva and his deputy Michael Jackman, who will also sit on the council, will provide regular briefings on internal security and provide updates on significant criminal activity on the island.

The council is expected to meet every two months, although the Governor, in consultation with the Premier, can call a meeting of the council at any time.

Other members of the council include National Security Minister Wayne Perinchief, Deputy Premier Derrick Burgess and Attorney General Kim Wilson.

Sir Richard said that he already held regular meetings with Mr Perinchief and junior National Security Minister Senator Jonathan Smith, while wider summit meetings had been held at crisis points like when there was a rash of gun violence in 2009-10.

He added: “If there are more dramas, then we will all be used to sitting round a table together.”