The #7 hole is less daunting than TPC Sawgrass #17, on which it is modelled. *Photo by Kageaki Smith
The #7 hole is less daunting than TPC Sawgrass #17, on which it is modelled. *Photo by Kageaki Smith

THURSDAY, JAN. 31: It’s always big talk when you proclaim to be the best in the world. It’s another to back it up.

Hogan Lindgren is one such man. He designed Bermuda Fun Golf, which is slated to open in Dockyard in March. He also designed a mini golf course in Denmark which was proclaimed the best in the world.

Lindgren says the one in Bermuda is better than Denmark’s.

Owner John Burcher said opening up a fun golf in Bermuda has been a dream of his for five years. He went to Europe to persuade Mr Lindgren to design this course.

Mr Burcher said: “It took me a year to convince him to build one in Bermuda and he finally gave in after a couple of beers one night, then we started the planning.

“It’s been two years since we broke ground on the Fun Golf.”

They took their time to make sure it was perfected.

Mr Lindgren said: “We knew from the beginning it was going to take a long time, but we didn’t think it would take two years.”

However, both men are ecstatic with the final result.

Mr Burcher said: “We wanted to build it once and build it right.”

The course features 18 holes, six based on Bermuda favourites of Mr Burcher, then six famous ones from the US and the final six based on holes from Scotland.

He laughed about the Bermuda portion of the course saying “It’s all the holes that have given me a hard time when we’re out there playing golf. This is us giving back Bermuda golfers and the course designers.”

Mr Lindgren said he’s designed this type of course four times previously, three of which are in Sweden and his worldwide winner in Denmark.

“The world championships of mini golf was played there (Denmark) and they voted it the best mini golf course in the world, but this is best. Bermuda can be proud to say it has the best mini golf course in the world.”

He said each hole is a homage to the real hole rather than being an exact miniature.

“If you play the hole, you can recognize it from the original.”

Mr Lindgren said many people are used to playing mini golf where you have the windmills, castles and hard edges.

“But that’s box golf and there’s only one good stroke through that windmill. Here it’s more like real golf as you can play it many different ways.

“You have to judge speed and break. You have to use the strategy you use in normal golf, which is why it has been popular with real golfers because it has the same components with the same risk and rewards.”

However, Mr Lindgren said while real golfers will enjoy the challenge, it’s still lots of fun for the average person.

“You don’t have to be a real golfer to play, but the better you are at putting, the better your score will be.”

His favourite hole on the course is modelled on #17 from St Andrews Old Course.

“They actually tee off over a hotel but because the hotel in St Andrews isn’t attractive we used the Fairmont Hamilton Princess.”

Mr Burcher said his favourite is the seventh hole which is modelled on TPC Sawgrass #17.

“It’s a lot of fun to play because you try to get it over the bridge.”

Golf professional Andrew Bissell tested the course last summer, and even with obstacles in his way, scored -16 under par, which has since been bettered by one.

Each hole is modelled on a famous hole in either Bermuda, the US or Scotland:



1. Mid Ocean #5


2. Belmont Hills #18


3. Port Royal #16


4. Ocean View #1


5. Riddell’s Bay #8


6. Tucker’s Point #9






7. TPC Sawgrass #17


8. Riviera Golf Club #6


9. Pebble Beach #7


10. Oakmont #3


11. Pine Country #13


12. Augusta #12






13. Glen Eagles King #13


14. Royal Troon #8


15. Royal Aberdeen #8


16. Muirfield #13


17. Turnberry #9


18. Old Course #17






Course record:


Bermuda Fun Golf
The cost to play will be $15 for adults and $12 for children with group and corporate rates available.
It is expecetd to be open in March from 10am to 10pm on the weekends.
For more information you can call them at 400-PUTT or go to the website at or e-mail them at