Donation: The OBA said it would investigate an alleged $300k donation to the party. *File photo
Donation: The OBA said it would investigate an alleged $300k donation to the party. *File photo

Talk of Premier Craig Cannonier’s position being under threat has been dismissed by Government insiders.

Sources told the Sun that Mr Cannonier still retains the confidence and support of his Government and party.

And they maintained that there was no division within the party in the wake of further JetGate allegations.


They said the feeling within the OBA camp was one of frustration that ‘baseless’ accusations continue to hamper and detract from the work Government has been tasked to do.

This week the OBA announced it would investigate a $300,000 donation it was said to have received from US businessman Nathan Landow and associates in the run-up to the 2012 election.

On Wednesday, party chairman, Thad Hollis, told media that the OBA had not received a contribution from Mr Landow to his knowledge, but that a probe into the donation had begun.

This followed further claims in a report that Mr Cannonier asked Mr Landow for a $2 millions facilitation fee after the pair allegedly met about a potential casino development in Bermuda.

These claims have been flatly denied by both the Premier as well as Mr Landow.

But the sequence of events following on from JetGate has cast a shadow over politics and brought the Premier’s position into question in some quarters.

And this week Opposition Leader Marc Bean urged the Premier to come clean on his dealings with Mr Landow.

However, party insiders maintained that despite the flurry of allegations, the Premier’s position was not under threat.

One OBA source said: “The Premier is not under threat in any way from his Parliamentary colleagues or from his Executive or his party members.

“He retains the backing of his party.” While another senior party source added: “Levels of absolute frustration have been expressed within the party.

“There is still a lot of work to do.

“When you look at the cloud of questionable conduct that still sits over the previous administration it is astounding this storm in a teacup continues to carry on.”

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