Peace: Gyptian’s message to the crowd was to end the violence. *Photo by VATV
Peace: Gyptian’s message to the crowd was to end the violence. *Photo by VATV

“These are some serious times, all I can see round us is this violence and crime.”

These were the words that came from Gyptian’s mouth as hundreds of fans lifted their hands and joined in song.

His song Serious Times set the tone for the evening.

Hundreds of Bermudians stood in the St David’s Cricket Club in the early hours of Sunday morning to watch the superstar perform hit after hit.

But the show wasn’t just about Gyptian — it focused on unity in the community and bringing peace to the island.

After a stellar line-up of local acts including Slanga, Clinark Dill, Micah, Hype Type and the wonderful Sia Spence, community worker Scott Smith took to the stage to spread a message of peace.


Mr Smith named every single person who has died through violence since the 2003 murder of Shaunde Jones rocked the island.

And he pleaded for Bermuda to end the fighting.

But the event wasn’t all about serious times.

It was a fun, violence free concert that was enjoyed by all.

Serious Times was billed as a reggae concert with headliners Etana and Gyptian.

But due to US immigration circumstances, Etana, known as the strong one, wasn’t able to make the show.

Mr Easy was a last minute guest who jumped on stage and livened up the crowd.

But Gyptian was the real star.

The man of the hour was introduced by Ron Muschette of Irie FM in Jamaica.

Opening the show with Is There a Place at 1:20am, the 27-year-old from Saint Andrew, Jamaica wowed the crowd from beginning to end.

Singing songs about love, marijuana and an ode to his mother, Gyptian commanded the audience’s attention and didn’t disappoint.

Songs included I Can Feel Your Pain, Haven’t I Told You, Nah Let Go, Mama Don’t Cry, my favourite song, Serious Times, Beautiful Lady and many more.

He danced around the stage, jumped around and made constant references to Bermuda’s beautiful women.

Gyptian was backed by Live Band who were pretty awesome thanks to a killer drummer, Courtney, from New Kingston Music.

A highlight of the show was when Gyptian brought out a surprise guest, Ras Shiloh to the stage.

He performed his hit Unto Zion which got the crowd hyped.

Gyptian closed out the high-energy show with his global smash Hold Yuh.

After the show, he sat in the back signing autographs for countless fans.

I have seen Gyptian perform four times and this was by far his best performance.

Hopefully it won’t take him another four years to return.