The family of a young man who died on Wednesday morning after falling more than 40 feet on the cruise ship Norwegian Majesty battled through tears yesterday to pay tribute to him, saying he was everything they could have asked for.

Richard Mulloy III, 22, from the Boston area, died after falling over a banister on the fifth deck of the cruise ship after a night out in St. George's to watch the Red Sox play against Atlanta with his cousins at The Dragons Sports Bar.

It was supposed to be a trip of lifetime; more than 20 family members were on the ship, including his mom Doreen, dad Richard Jr. and two sisters Jennifer, 25 and Kerry, 19. They are all absolutely devastated.

Jennifer, his big sister, told us: "We were all looking forward to doing this trip together. We have such a big family and we are so close, but this was a big deal for us all to go together - all our cousins were there, too."

The family arrived in Bermuda on Tuesday and had a great time visiting Crystal Caves and Horseshoe Bay. In the evening they wanted to watch the Red Sox game so a few of them, including Mr. Mulloy, left the ship and went to watch it at the sports bar.

'He had a big heart'

His sister said: "He made everybody laugh, he was so funny and he had a big heart - he didn't want to leave anybody out. He wanted to take his 12 year-old cousin to watch the game. He said he'd look after her and bring her back."

He didn't take the 12 year-old but it didn't stop him from having a great night.

"It was the happiest I had ever seen him on this trip. He was looking forward to going golfing with his dad and uncles and cousins - all the boys. He loved being with his family," his sister said.

After the game finished the group went back to the ship.

His sister said: "We got back on the ship and went up to the elevator to go to the disco. We thought it was on the seventh floor but it wasn't. We realized we had to go down a floor so some of us walked down the stairs and some waited for the elevator."

Crying, she continued: "We walked down. He was sitting on the banister waiting for the others and he lost his balance."

The ship's medical staff tried to resuscitate him but they couldn't. He was rushed to the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital but was pronounced dead shortly after 3am.

Yesterday the immediate family was staying in a house overlooking Harrington Sound, which has been provided to them through the hospital, which they are very appreciative of.

Mr. Mulloy's dad is trying to stay strong, but he's lost his only son.

He said: "I had a great son. He was a great kid. He was everything you could ask for. It's still sinking in. We'd all been having such a great time. It's tragic."

A police statement released on Wednesday said: "Around 1.15 this morning, police received a report of a passenger falling onboard the cruise ship Norwegian Majesty docked at Ordnance Island in St. George's.

"On arrival at the location a short time later, officials spoke with the ship's captain, chief security officer and members of the ship's medical personnel, as well as the deceased's cousin, who is also a passenger on the ship."

It continued: "Around 12.25am the men were on the fifth deck of the ship intending to go to the disco on the seventh deck when the 22 year-old American fell from the fifth deck to the first deck."

The statement continued: "Two nurses on board attended the scene and discovered the victim in an unresponsive state.

The family is now waiting for arrangements to be made through the U.S. Consul before flying home, which they hope to do today.