PLP MP David Burt
PLP MP David Burt

The Premier and two of his Cabinet Ministers have launched legal actions over comments made by Opposition Leader Marc Bean and PLP MP David Burt.

The Sun understands that Craig Cannonier has filed a lawsuit against Mr Bean and Mr Burt over their claims of improper behaviour.

Meanwhile, Mark Pettingill and Shawn Crockwell have also started legal proceedings against the Opposition leader for defamation and slander for comments made on ZBM.

Last night both PLPs MPs at the centre of claims said they had nothing to fear from the legal action.

The flurry of legal paperwork comes at the end of a heated five days in politics that began last Friday in the House of Assembly.

Opposition leader Marc Bean claimed that the Premier had confided in him that he, along with Mr Crockwell and Mr Pettingill, had been offered a payment by a developer in return for a casino licence.

Mr Burt then told the House he had been offered an IT contract by the Premier in exchange for his support for a plan to ditch the referendum on gaming.

Both men have since repeated the claims to media outlets which means they do not have Parliamentary privilege and are no longer immune from defamation and slander laws.

On Sunday, the Premier dismissed the Opposition Leader’s claims as “simply untrue” and part of the PLP’s plan of taking the OBA down. No official response has been given to the allegations made by Mr Burt.

Earlier this week, Mr Cannonier said: “What has transpired over the past three days is nothing but the politics of division and personal destruction. It has nothing to do with getting people back on their feet and nothing to do with national priorities. It is my job to elevate us from this type of political rancour.”

Yesterday Mr Bean told the Bermuda Sun: “I have not received any notice of legal action yet.

“But if it comes, it comes. I have no concerns. My conscience is clear.

“We will continue to repeat what has happened until action is taken.”

While on Facebook yesterday Mr Burt said: “This is getting interesting.Let me say this, it is impossible to defame someone if your statements are true.

“I know what I heard as I was there, and I will go to my grave and/or the poorhouse to defend my right to speak truth to the country of my birth and to the constituents I represent.

“I do not fear a lawsuit; I welcome it — as I’m happy to speak under oath as to what was said to me, without fear of contradiction.

“I am Bermudian — and this is our future that you are messing with — come clean and stop trying to silence me with your legal team. 

“Come clean with the people of this country or resign.” 


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