SATURDAY, JUNE 11: Seven residents were recognized in the Queen's Birthday Honours List 2011.

Garry Madeiros received an OBE for services to the Defence Board and Michael Butt received an OBE for services to the reinsurance industry in Bermuda.

Carlton Adams and Eugene Vickers both were selected as Members of the British Empire (MBE).

The following people have been awarded Queen’s Certificates and Badges of Honour: Patti-Jean Millett, Linda Russell and Alicia Zuill.



Garry MadeirosMr. Garry Anthony Madeiros, OBE

Mr. Madeiros was a hard-working and successful chief executive of Bermuda’s Electricity Company, BELCO until 2007 after which he joined the (unpaid) Defence Board that advises the Governor on matters of the Bermuda Regiment.  The Bermuda Regiment is both the pride of Bermuda to those over 25 and contentious to those aged 18 – 25 in that the majority have to serve as conscripts.  Mr. Madeiros chaired the Defence Board for seven years until his retirement in 2010.

He served under three Governors, all of whom relied on his leadership.  During his time on the Defence Board, he faced many challenges:

A politicized Commanding Officer at odds with the Governor

A political Minister responsible for administering and paying the Regiment at odds with the next Commanding Officer

Law suits from young men objecting to conscription which went through Bermuda’s courts on to the Privy Council in London.

During his 10-year period on the Defence Board, Mr. Madeiros also served as Chair of the Promotions Board of the Bermuda Regiment.

As the first civilian Chairman of the Defence Board, Mr. Madeiros managed to understand the ethos of the Bermuda Regiment and the ambivalent approach of civilians.  He only did so by working unpaid, for long hours on Regimental issues.  He then used that understanding to give clear, reasoned, invaluable advice to the three Governors.


Michael ButtMr. Michael Butt, OBE

Mr. Butt started in the insurance industry some 42 years ago, first in Europe and the United States of America, then in Bermuda.

As Chairman of the Bermuda reinsurance company, Mid Ocean for five years; Director of reinsurance company XL for four years and more recently, as Chairman for eight years of AXIS – one of the largest reinsurance companies, he has tirelessly promoted Bermuda as a sound, reputable and transparent base for the reinsurance and insurance industries.  His activity and promotion of the Island’s principal activity of its principal industry has far exceeded what would be expected of him as head of a large company in that business.  He has travelled repeatedly to Europe, the Middle East and North America to spread the word at business events and seminars and he has volunteered much time to organize events in Bermuda that have brought the Island the highest level practitioners (such as the Chairman of Lloyds).

With others Mr. Butt started the World Insurance Forum in 1993, initially to gain recognition of Bermuda’s insurance market.  It has now became a leadership event with global perspective.  In 2008 he was given the Bermuda Insurance Institute’s lifetime achievement award.

Since his arrival in Bermuda, he has also immersed himself in other aspects of the community, for example, as a Board member of the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Studies, Bermuda’s world-reputation marine research institute.


Carlton AdamsMr. Carlton Eugene Adams, MBE

More than 40 years of service by Mr. Carlton Eugene Adams to the Bermuda Police Service (formerly called Bermuda Police Force) represents the longest single contribution of any police officer in Bermuda.  Mr. Adams had a distinguished police career as he served in the Central Division, Operations, Narcotics, Western CID, Central CID, Watch Inspector, Complaints and Discipline, Major Incident Room, and finally as Assistant Commissioner with responsibility for all operational uniformed officers. When he retired from the Bermuda Police Service in 2009 Mr. Adams had worked under nine Police Commissioners. 

In 1968, Mr. Adams, then 19 years old, was accepted as a Police Cadet.  He completed his basic course and motor driving school training and was appointed a police constable the following year.  Mr. Adams had elected to join the Bermuda Police Force during a period when Bermuda, like other jurisdictions in the Western world, was facing a different political, racial and social environment.  It was shortly after the BELCO riots that resulted in serious injury to a number of police officers and when the Easter riot on Front Street, was fresh in the minds of Bermudians.  Many regarded the Bermuda Police Force as a symbol of all that was wrong within the social fabric of the country and Mr. Adams believed that he could make a valuable contribution to the community.  Like numerous other black officers during the time, Mr. Adams would have been negatively affected by racism within the Force – yet he made a conscious choice to persevere.

In the early stages of his career, Mr. Adams was part of the team of officers who worked alongside Scotland Yard in investigating the assassinations of the Governor of Bermuda, Sir Richard Sharples and his Aide de Camp, and the Commissioner of Police George Duckett. 

In 1970 Mr. Adams transferred to the Narcotics Division where he was instrumental in setting up the drug custodian system that remains in place today.  After ten years of service, he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant within the Narcotics Division.  In 1981 he was appointed Officer in Charge of the Western Criminal Investigation Department.  In 1988 he was appointed Officer in Charge of a crime fighting task force and later that same year, he was appointed to the rank of Inspector and put in charge of Central CID.  In 1993, he was promoted to Chief Inspector of CID and three years later, he was transferred to Headquarters to work in the Complaints and Discipline Department.  He later became Officer in Charge of the Major Incident Room. In February 2001, Mr. Adams was promoted to the rank of Assistant Commissioner – effectively jumping the Rank of Superintendent - a feat accomplished by only a few.


Eugene VickersMr. Eugene Sinclair Vickers, MBE 

Mr. Eugene Sinclair Vickers has given over 25 years of community service. He is a member of the original group that formed the Warwick Community Education and Development Programme – an idea sanctioned and approved by then Warwick West Member of Parliament, the Hon. Quinton Edness and Mrs. Ann Cartwright DeCouto who was then Minister of Community and Cultural Affairs.  Throughout the years, Mr. Vickers has served the programme in various capacities:  President; Vice President and treasurer.

Other highlights of Mr. Vicker’s service include helping to institute the New York University Leadership Institute programme for leaders in the community; serving as manager of The Bermuda Bowling Club; serving as part of the Steering Committee to host the International Community Association at the 6th World Conference in Trinidad in 1991 and the Steering Committee that hosted the Leadership for Community Survival Conference in Bermuda in 1998.  For 40 years, Mr. Vickers served as a Reserve Police Officer and in 2000, he became the first black Bermudian to be appointed as Commandant of the Bermuda Reserve Police.  He retired from the Reserve Police after four years in the top position.

Mr. Vickers serves as a member of the International Community Education advisory Board; as Regional Director for the Bermuda/Caribbean Region of the International Community Education Association; The National Community Education Association; the North American Community Education Association and the Bermuda Community Education Advisory Council.  He is a past President of Somerset Bridge Recreation Club; past President of the Junior & Bowling Associations, and a member of the Black Cops Against Police Brutality group headed by Sgt Delacy Davis of the US.  In 2003, he developed the International Association of Reserve Police Executives.  In 2001, Mr. Vickers’ vision led to the development of the “Hands on Youth” programme that helps 13 – 18 year old young persons in learning how businesses and companies are run.  The success of this initiative led to the formation of a second programme, “Hands on Youth Summer Internship” in 2004.

Mr. Vickers is regarded as a devoted husband, father, family member and friend to all.  Although retired, he continues to stay busy, working diligently with youth in the community.


Patti-Jean MilletMrs. Patti-Jean Juanette (Dillas) Millett
Queen’s Certificate & Badge of Honour

Mrs. Patti-Jean Juanette (Dillas) Millett has always been devoted to the education and care of children.  For the past 24 years she has been a para-professional in the Bermuda Education System and prior to this, she provided home-care to children for over 15 years.

When Mrs. Millett’s own young sons played football for Dandytown Sports Club, she would pile the entire team into her car after the game and feed them a good meal.  Her home was always open to the children in the Pembroke West area.  She loves cooking and baking and sharing her goods with all.

For over 20 years, she has held her annual Breakfast with Santa for children of all ages..  This event is held in her own home and includes craft making and a gift of a book from Santa for each child as Mrs. Millett is an advocate for reading.

Mrs. Millett loves to decorate her home for every holiday.  Every Halloween, she transforms her home into a haunted house for children.  More than 200 children visit the haunted house display and to sample the delicious Sheppard’s pies and pumpkin pies that she prepares for the occasion.

Mrs. Millett with Mrs. Illy’s Morton, are responsible for initiating Neighbourhood Gatherings such as Tea Parties at Ladies Chambers Park, and annual Thanksgiving Dinners at West Pembroke School.

Mrs. Millett is a member of the Pembroke Community Club.  She has served as a past judge for the Annual Agricultural exhibition.  She has also held a position on The Executive of the Progressive Labour Party, Constituency 18.


Linda RussellMrs. Linda Russell
Queen’s Certificate & Badge of Honour

Mrs. Linda Russell has been helping some of the most desperate people in her neighbourhood for many years.  She has been described as a woman of amazing strength and determination who is a firm believer in giving flowers to others whilst they can appreciate them. The Eliza Doolittle Society recently honoured her with their  ICAN (I care for a Neighbour) Award. 

Whether it’s a hot meal, a hot shower, baby-sitting; transport, clean clothes, advice or guidance, Mrs. Russell’s neighbours know that she is someone that they can depend on as she works tirelessly to help persons in need.  Mrs. Russell is known for preparing and distributing home-made soup to the men and women living on the streets.  She regularly invites homeless drug addicts into her home where they can shower and enjoy a good hot meal.  She offers parents in her neighbourhood assistance with cooking meals for their families and she offers to care for children when their parents are forced to work two or three jobs to make ends meet.  Mrs. Russell also offers her laundry facilities to her neighbours in need.

On Friday evenings, Mrs. Russell’s home is often filled with neighbourhood children who know they can get a hot meal.  Often, Mrs. Russell will arrange transport for them to attend the youth programme at her church.

Mrs. Russell also assists seniors with advice and guidance on their health issues and she assists them with their transport to their various appointments.


Alicia ZuillMiss Alicia Sheree Zuill
Queen’s Certificate & Badge of Honour 

Miss Alicia Sheree Zuill is being honoured for her work with Bermuda’s school children; her commitment to assisting physically handicapped children, and her contributions to sports clubs.

Miss Zuill began working in the school system as a full time para-professional in 1994 at the Orange Valley School for the severely mentally and physically handicapped.  The following year, she joined the staff at Dellwood Primary School and in 1998, she was transferred to CedarBridge Academy as a para-professional in the Functional Skills programme.

Miss Zuill is the founder and coordinator of a girls club called Teen Girls in Focus that caters to over 50 young ladies, aged 13 – 18.  She is an advisor for the CedarBridge cheerleading squad and she is the chairperson for the CedarBridge 100 Women on Campus Committee.  Miss Zuill also organized the Cedar Bridge Academy Bermuda Triangle Movement – a project where students and staff sent containers of goods to persons who lost their homes during Hurricane Katrina.

In 2006-2007, Miss Zuill served as assistant coach for the Bermuda Special Olympics Association.  She is a staff member of David Bascome’s Island Soccer League; she is a volunteer at Focus Counselling; a long-time volunteer for the Bermuda Football Association’s Diadora Football Tournaments, Bermuda’s National Football teams and in 1989, she started the Bermuda Women’s Football League.  Ms. Zuill has also served on the executive committee for Western Stars Sports Club; she is a long-time committee member at North Village Community Club, and a committee member of Devonshire Colts Club.

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