FRIDAY, AUGUST 17: The Bermuda Track and Field Association is set to get a new head coach by the end of the year.

BTFA president Donna Watson said the world governing body, the IAAF, said in order to qualify for funding, Bermuda had to have a structured coaching programme with a head coach.

Watson said last time Bermuda had a head coach was four years ago when Gerry Swan was at the helm.

She said the new head coach was selected from local candidates and it was a volunteer position.

“We had to put this in place if we wanted to receive the funding, which of course we do,

“We sent the job advert out to all our affiliates. We had people and interviewed them and we’ve come up with a prospective person and we are just waiting for the final sign off.”

Watson said a couple of foreign coaches inquired about the position but the BTFA president said Bermuda has the talent to do the job.

“My goal is to use as many Bermudians as we can use. I know we have the resources and I wanted to use the resources that we have.

“We need this person to have contacts overseas; we need this person to be able to do quite a lot starting from scratch.”

She said its hoped that the head coaching position will be funded down the road.

“Right now, this position is all about being able to grow and develop this programme."