Marvin after he was rescued. *Photo supplied

Marvin after he was rescued. *Photo supplied


FRIDAY, JUNE 29: Rescuers plucked a little kitten to safety yesterday after it fell six foot down inside a pipe.

A passerby walking along Canal Road in Hamilton called the SPCA after hearing crying noises coming from a construction site close to the Zippy Lube shop.

Animal officers quickly located the feral kitten at around 10:30am and used a snare to lift it out of the pipe.

They have named the kitten Marvin and hope they will be able to adopt it out in the coming weeks.

SPCA Inspector Glyn Roberts said: “Luckily for the kitten there was a rock jammed down inside the pipe so it did not go all the way to the bottom.

“The other pipes had water in the bottom too, so it could have been a lot worse for this little cat.

“We were able to get the kitten out and although it was very frightened and a bit wet it seems to be okay.

“We have spoken to the owners of the land and hopefully the pipes will be covered over so this kind of thing does not happen again.

“Marvin is now being looked after at the SPCA and with a bit of luck we should be able to adopt him out over the next few weeks.”