THURSDAY, MARCH 15: Just over half of voters would like to see sexual orientation added to Human Rights legislation.

According to a poll conducted by Profiles of Bermuda, 51 percent of Bermudians are for including sexual orientation into legislation.

Forty percent of people are opposed to adding it while eight percent are unsure.

As far as gender goes, 54 percent of females are in support compared to 47 percent of men.

The poll said the strongest division was by race.

“While three-quarters of whites and others were in support of adding sexual orientation to the Human Rights legislation, nearly six in ten blacks, or 58 percent opposed the addition.”

Other hot button issues included gaming, conscription and independence.

On gaming, the poll said: “Voters are divided about whether or not casino gambling should be permitted in Bermuda with 45 percent in support of it and 43 percent opposed.”

Eleven percent of voters were unsure.

Just over 1 in 10 (11.1%) were not sure.

The poll showed there was strong support for conscription to continue.

More than seven in ten Bermudians, or 71 percent of voters, agree with conscription while 24 percent oppose it.

Five percent of people are unsure.

As far as gender, men were more likely then women to support conscription with 74 percent and 68 percent respectively.

The poll said there were virtually no differences by race with 72 percent of whites and others supporting it compared to 70 percent of blacks.

More than three quarters of Bermudians oppose independence.

Fourteen percent support it while nine percent were unsure.

The poll said: “While there was little difference by gender, 79 percent of females are opposed compared to 74 percent of males, there were strong differences by race.

“More than nine in ten whites and others, 93 percent oppose independence, just over six in ten blacks 62 percent oppose it. 

Twenty-four percent of blacks support independence compared to just three percent of whites and others.