A world-renowned animal trainer is coming to Bermuda later this month to share her knowledge with islanders.

Kathy Sdao is based in Washington and has spent the last two decades as a full time professional trainer for dogs and other animals. The certified animal behaviourist will be hosting a series of classes between June 21 and June 23.

The trip has been arranged by the Dog Training Club of Bermuda.

The group’s vice president, Eileen Thorne said: “We are very excited to be hosting Kathy Sdao.

“She is a well known animal trainer and behaviourist and we are extremely lucky to be able to bring her to Bermuda.”

On June 21 Ms Sdao will hold a public talk at Somersfield Academy between 6:30pm and 8pm.

The event, which has been dubbed ‘Becoming Doctor Dolittle’, will focus on the ways animals learn and how to get the most out of your pet. While on June 22 to 23, the US expert will be on hand at the Botanical Gardens’ Visitor Centre to speak to pet owners about training and behaviour between 9am and 5pm.

Ms Thorne added: “This is not just about training dogs, this approach to training is applicable to all animals. And better yet if promotes patience, observation and timing in the trainer along with seeing the animal as a participant in the training.

“It will help owners start a conversation with their dog in which they learn to give effective feedback in a positive manner that improves not only the training but their

To find out more about the three-day event as well as prices go to www.dogtrainingclubbda.org or email info@dogtrainingclubbda.org