WEDNESDAY, FEB. 22: Shoreline fishers are less aware of the rules controlling what they catch than boat fishers.

But the vast majority of both types of fishermen were strongly supportive of the regulations that are in place to protect the island’s fish reserves all year round.

The 2011 survey by Fisheries wardens found that 70 per cent were aware of minimum size limits and bag limits restricting the number of certain species that may be retained per day.

Only a few interviewees did not support such measures, even if they were unaware of them.

Over 80 per cent of the boat fishers who filled out the mail questionnaire said they were aware of minimum size limits for certain species, while 95 per cent were supportive of the safeguards.

The study also revealed nearly three quarters of boat fishers knew of areas that were permanently closed to fishing and 85 per cent were aware of seasonally closed areas like the grouper breeding grounds.

Joanna Pitt, marine resources officer, said: “As might be expected, shoreline fishers were less familiar with areas closed to fishing, with only about 60 per cent being aware of such measures.”

• For more information on the rules and regulations governing fishing in Bermuda visit and follow the links to Environmental Protection.

Special report: 2011 Survey of Recreational Fishing Activity in Bermuda

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