Dear Sir,

I had the opportunity to read about the Finance Minister’s interest to assist with the creation of a hotel and other buildings up at Morgan’s Point.

I do believe it is not in our best interest to add to the already existing condo buildings that cannot be sold at this time. Why are we so intent on creating another source of failure? 

Even the notion of putting a golf course up there with a hotel is almost ridiculous and profits the island very little year round.

I am beginning to believe that the conservative mindsets in Bermuda actually have tunnel-vision. Just look around and throughout the island and you can see a surplus of condo houses that cannot be sold. We need to stop misleading the residents, this is certainly not in our best interests.

Boring amenities

They need to dump that plan of a boutique hotel and condos with the boring amenities and be prepared to implement some invigorating newness into this domicile known as Bermuda. 

There are a slew of Bermudians, other residents and visitors who feel Bermuda has divorced itself from being an exciting, lively destination. 

Those in authority seem hell-bent on capsizing this island, rather than charting a new course of engagement that will expand our potential growth now and for those days beyond the horizon. 

We are certainly sleepwalking if we believe yesterday’s tactics will advance us in this time. We cannot afford to make the wrong decisions. 

John H. Holdipp III