FRIDAY, JUNE 22: The Etiquette Class For Girls is celebrating its tenth anniversary with two weeks of special classes.

The classes focus on three key areas: self-esteem, self-presentation, and selflessness. 

They will be held the week of July 2 and July 9 from 6pm to 8pm and part proceeds will go towards the New Beginnings Education Charitable Trust Fund to assist young people with furthering their education.

The club was initiated when founder Shawnette Somner saw a radio show in 2002 of young girls expressing their desire to have a baby in order to have someone to love – and someone to love them in return.

Ms Somner, a guest columnist for the Bermuda Sun and radio show host, said: “I decided to start a programme for young girls to help build their self-esteem.

“I’ve had shy and quiet girls in the programme who have blossomed into more self confident young ladies as well as those who I refer to as “obnoxiously outgoing” who have realized the importance of taming their conduct in order to be more acceptable to others around them. 

“The girls engage in numerous activities such as doing their own facials as they learn about skin care to dining out and showing excellent restaurant etiquette. 

For many girls it has been an excellent venue to meet new friends.  Long lasting friendships have developed between many
of the girls.

To date approximately 250 young ladies have finished the programme and received their completion certificates as well as other certificates of recognition at the end of programme certificate ceremony put on for parents.

Ms Somner added: “So if your young lady could use a bit of “polishing” in manners, self-reflection, posture, conduct improvement, dealing with the contentious issues of other girls, relationships with parents, keeping her bedroom clean, personal hygiene, public speaking and lessons in how to treat others, just to name a few, they can contact me.”

To sign up for the classes call Ms Somner on 2951962 or email