Dr Mark Guishard
Dr Mark Guishard

A former director of the Bermuda Weather Service has joined the Risk Prediction Initiative at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences.

Dr Mark Guishard is now part of BIOS’ staff as Science Programme manager.

Risk Prediction

The Risk Prediction Initiative works to create effective and efficient dialogue between scientists and (re)insurers involved in catastrophic risk by funding and showcasing academic research relevant to the (re)insurance industry and assisting in translating science into applications for the industry.

During his time as director of the Bermuda Weather Service, Dr Guishard also served as an adjunct scientist at BIOS, where he taught courses for visiting university groups, gave public lectures, and participated in RPI science workshops. 

UN representative

In conjunction with his duties at BWS, he served as Bermuda’s representative to the UN World Meteorological Organization (WMO) where he was appointed the English-speaking vice chair of the Regional Hurricane Committee. 

He also represented the WMO and Bermuda on the U.N. regional coordination group on tsunamis and other coastal hazards. 

After six years as director of BWS, Dr Guishard broadened his professional expertise by working as a catastrophe risk analyst and modeller for a Bermuda-based reinsurance company.

Dr Guishard said in a press release that he is “happy to be working with fellow scientists to better understand natural hazards and produce results that are not only academic in nature, but include applications that are relevant to the (re)insurance industry.” n