WEDNESDAY, OCT. 10: Residents are being warned of scammers posing as the US government in order to extract payment from Diversity Visa applicants, also known as Green Card applicants.

There has been an increase in farudulant emails and letters sent to Diversity Visa programme (Visa Lottery) applicants.

US Consulate’s Public Diplomacy Specialist Astrid Black told the Bermuda Sun: “A key point here as well is that the US Government will never ask you to send money in advance for diversity visas, as all fees are paid at the time of your scheduled appointment at the US Consulate or Embassy.”

Applicants are urged to review the rules and procedures for the Diversity Visa programme so that they know what to expect, when and from whom.

The US govnerment might email DV-2012 and DV-2013 applicants reminding them to check their status online through DV Entrant Status Check, they will not receive a letter or email informing them that their application has been successful.

Applicants can only find out if they were selected to continue with DV processing by checking their status online through the DV Entrant Status Check at