Work it: Miley’s Twerkball has gone viral on Facebook as users try to keep a ball bouncing. *Screenshot
Work it: Miley’s Twerkball has gone viral on Facebook as users try to keep a ball bouncing. *Screenshot

Phishing attempts aren’t usually funny as they are a way to try to scam people out of personal information to steal their identity and money or infect their computers with a virus.

But this week, one would-be scam artist really blew it.

An e-mail has been circulating about ‘Butterfield electronic fees deducted’. It is asking Bank of Butterfield clients to check their attached e-statement and thanking them “again for allowing Butterfield to be your financial partner. We are delighted to provide any support and guidance to help you reach your financial goals, and commit to providing you with exceptional service.”

It was signed Ian Truran, president & CEO Butterfield Bank Limited.

The major problem, of course, is that Mr Truran is president of Capital G Bank and Brendan McDonagh is chairman and CEO of Butterfield. 

News that Shine Hayward’s House of Music has fallen on hard times prompted one radio DJ to start a campaign on her show and on Facebook to help raise money for him. The Royal Gazette reported on Tuesday that Mr Hayward was $50,000 in arrears on his rent. Sherri Simmons posted on Facebook: “Who says Bermudians can’t come together? The Devil is a liar! We are raising money to save Shine’s House of Music. Call 297-1076 to help save one of our own!” 

Weeks after Miley Cyrus’ train wreck of a performance the VMA’s people in Bermuda, as well as the rest of the world, are still talking about it. On Tuesday Facebook was full of posts as a new game entitled Miley’s Twerkball was unveiled. 

At you can try to help Miley bounce a ball off her butt and keep it in the air. I only lasted two seconds, and then Miley made a horrible face after my poor performance — sort of like the ones the audience made after Miley’s just as horrible showing.