Have you been keeping up with LinkedIn lately? It’s a refreshing relief from the drama and chatter on Facebook, and usually pretty inspiring when you’re bored. 

Just remember, if you’re tempted to stalk people’s profiles you do on Facebook (I can’t be the only one?!) check your own profile settings first.
Click ‘Select what others see when you’ve viewed their profile’ under Privacy & Settings on the top right of your profile page. Then be as pokey as you like! 

f you missed comedian Bobby J’s tweets during his visit to Bermuda for the #Rated show, check out @BobbyJComedy. Most of what he tweets is pretty unprintable for a “family” newspaper, but he got a lot (of drinking) done during his short visit here. 

witter keeps suggesting I follow @UberFacts (see opposite page).

First tweet I saw was this one:

“If you’re 18 years old, you have about 3,300 weekends left in your lifetime. You also only have about 57 summers left.” Depressing – because I’m no longer anywhere near 18. But good to know; make the most of your weekends and summers. 

You bothered by Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance? (see Celeb Watch). Lots of people on social media seemed to be, with some parents troubled that the former Disney star was practically naked onstage. Words like disturbed, nasty and speechless got thrown around a lot.

Personally I think Jessie Masters @ACleverEndeavor said it best:

Miley Cyrus' performance not only traumatized me but took the new #1 worst VMA performance from 2007BritneySpears.