SATURDAY, MAY 19: Police are warning people to be vigilant against two types of scams happening in Bermuda.

In the first, people are getting ripped off on local re-sale wesbites on deals “too good to be true”.

A police spokesperson said: “In particular, if the item is being sold at a significantly reduced price and the seller requests money for the item in advance.

“A recent example being advertised was a new Segway for sale at half its retail value. The public is reminded that if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.”

If you suspect a scam, it can be reported to the Financial Crime Unit by e-mailing

In the second type of scam, home owners are being taken advantage of by con artists.

The police said in particular senior citizens need “to be wary of unknown persons offering to carry out basic home repairs such as roof cleaning or painting and requesting money up front.

“Homeowners are reminded to remain vigilant regarding unknown individuals requesting money prior to work being started.”

Police said if you have any questions or concerns regarding similar situations call the main police number on 295-0011.