Bermuda’s future chefs are preparing for a showdown of epic proportions as the Plates of Passion contest begins.

Ten chefs have been selected to mentor the island’s aspiring culinary talents throughout the contest. Each chef is assigned a first and second year student and each team has to prepare a menu based on a basket of local goods. YouTube videos have surfaced documenting their journey to pursue their passion. 

Student Kevin Howard said during the video: “I like to change things up. I don’t like to do things the traditional way – you can cook it one way but the way you present it is a whole different thing. I like to take it and twist it around.”

Chef George Muhlbacher of the Fairmont Hamilton Princess said he would bring “food, passion and excitement” to the contest while Livio Ferigo, owner of Bone Fish Bella Vista, and said: “My students, I told them, when we are here we joke, we laugh. But once we are going to be teaching the game is on!”

The contest is organized by The Bermuda Hospitality Institute and all the chefs are members of the Chefs Association of Bermuda. The popular Plates of Passion event will be held on 3 April 2014 at the Bermuda College.