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On Wednesday I wrote about basic privacy concerns and how to exclude other people from snooping around in your profile.

Today, we’ll take it a step further.

You’ll still need to go under the padlock and three lines at the top of your profile page and select “see more settings’.

Then, on the left, click on ‘Timeline and Tagging’. You will then get three categories, the first of which is 

Who can add things to my timeline? 

You can then select who is allowed to post on your timeline and whether you want to allow your friends to be able to do so. The other option is to allow yourself as the only person to post on your page. That’s pretty restrictive but I have a handful of friends who are that restrictive.

The second item in the timeline category allows you to review posts friends tag you in before they appear online. 

There are only two options — on or off. If you don’t want someone to tag you in photos, maybe because they might be unflattering or you are just sensitive about you image being plastered across Facebook,, you should turn this off.

Who can see things on my timeline

First off, you can review how others see your Timeline by inserting their name in the ‘View As’ category. If you are not happy with that, you can then make it more or less restictive.

The next option is ‘Who can see posts you’ve been tagged in’. Maybe you have some people who are just acquaintances and you want to exclude them. You can leave them out from seeing it. You can also create custom lists (I have about 20, but rarely use them).

You can also do that with the next option ‘Who can see what others post on your timeline.’

Some people haven’t set any privacy screens on their timeline which allows ANYONE on Facebook to see it. In reality, it is a public profile — if it’s a public profile you’re allowing others to see and use what’s you’ve posted. 

How can I manage tags people add?

You’ll be allowed to review tags people add to your Facebook before they appear on FB. This is just a  simple filtering or moderation option for yourself. There are only two choices, on or off. 

I have mine set to off as I trust what my friends post. If it becomes a problem they would either be unfriended or blocked. 

Another option deals with photos. You’ve probably uploaded a photo and gone to tag it and when you did Facebook, using its facial recognition programme, gave you a suggestion as to who that person might be.

You have the option of not allowing your name to come up as a suggestion. Unfortunately there are only two choices here — friends and no one.

I can see how people might like a custom list here as they might not have a problem with close friends or family being able to do it, just to make it slightly more restrictive.


Just as an added word of caution, some of you have allowed your kids to have Facebook profiles. It would probably be a good thing for you to go into their settings and see who has access to their pages. 

You certainly wouldn’t want everyone on the web having access to their profiles.

It’s not being a snoop, it is just responsible parenting on your part. 

Of course, some teens might use this new found knowledge to limit your access to their page, but a regular check will help you keep them safe.