FRIDAY, NOV. 23: A tongue-in-cheek government advert using puppets to criticize the OBA has provoked everything from outrage to hilarity in a Facebook thread.

The advert features two OBA puppets bickering over their apparently contradictory policy proposals while a potential voter looks on in horror.

One says the party will make deep and radical cuts while the other says they will engage in $500 million in new government spending.

The voter sucks her teeth and votes PLP.

The OBA has countered with its own advert mocking the PLP’s ad saying : “While government plays with puppets and chases after ‘secret plans’, real Bermudians are facing real problems’.

Dismal statistics about the island’s workforce appear on the screen as the PLP puppets are seen in the background.

The PLP’s puppets have attracted close to 400 comments on Facebook — most of which are negative while 27 people ‘liked’ the

Here’s a selection of those comments including those by the PLP administrator:


• Shelly Peichoto Muppets? Are you for real? This is what you lot do all day? This is embarrassing. What a joke of a party.

• CJ Smith Sadly, PLP has drawn more attention to this silly little puppet show than they could for the Job Corps Program (only 4 people showed up). The writing is on the wall. You have to stand by your record if you want to be taken seriously.

• Seth Madeiros This simply confirms the PLP’s voting base/target support: People with a primary school education and double digit IQ.

• Dominique Simons from a marketing stand point painful to watch.

• Mark O’leary Is this how PLP intend on getting the youth vote? You have to be 18 to vote not 6...smh.

• Progressive Labour Party It’s telling that with all the hate in this thread, that the substance of the satire has yet to be addressed. What say you, OBA faithful, about the Both Ways OBA that is promising the world just to get power?

• Chris Bennett Ok here we go: the video is making the same point that you keep making. The OBA has said that they will keep Future Care but change the structure of it.

• James Whiting You guys are a joke, and need to grow up! We have real issues facing this island, and this is the childish drivel you put on TV?

• Alex Lewis Gibbs There goes a wasted minute of my life I can never get back.

• Progressive Labour Party The ad has clearly struck a nerve based on the reactions and virality of it. You will note the copious amounts of pieces we’ve put out on this page for years. Nothing has struck a nerve quite like this. There’s a reason for that. That’s because people react to serious points couched in entertainment. Good night to yo0u, sir.

• Renee Webb Excellent responses to the bloggers PLP administrator. Great interaction in getting facts out there. Stick to the tone of facts, and not attacks. Great stuff, although I must say I do not like the puppet commercial. Poor taste, and unnecessary. The PLP has done far to many firm things for the people to resort to puppets stating “ I am OBA” 8 times. We can do better.

• Nae Simmons Also, theres nothing wrong with a lil entertaining skit to get a point across as well as make people chuckle, the Obama campaign did it, however, theres a limit to everything and this was definitely over board.

• Kristin Divine Think it’s about time PLP deletes their own FB page, this page shows Bermuda is fed up and tired of your antics!