Delta has changed its scheduling to go toe-to-toe with American Airlines.  *Photo supplied
Delta has changed its scheduling to go toe-to-toe with American Airlines. *Photo supplied

Delta Air Lines is set to go toe-to-toe with American Airlines for the morning New York crowd from Bermuda. 

Delta has made a couple of changes to its New York flight schedule, that some residents may find beneficial. 

First, the carrier will be switching from LaGuardia to JFK this May. 

Along with that change comes a time shift. Delta will now depart LF Wade International at 9:15am, arriving in New York at 10:45am. 

The return flight will leave JFK at 5pm and land in Bermuda at 8:50pm. 

American’s Bermuda flight to New York leaves at 9:20am and lands at 10:50am at JFK. The return flight leaves at 5:30pm from JFK and lands in Bermuda at 8:50pm.

The Delta plane will overnight in Bermuda just as AA does, which will create a bit of business for a local hotel to house the flight crew. 

A quick price comparison for June 6 to 14 didn’t show much of a difference between the two airlines. AA clocked in at $443 for the round trip to New York while Delta was slightly cheaper at $432.50.

Of course, there are other options to New York as JetBlue flies to JFK and United flies to Newark, giving residents four choices.

JetBlue’s flight to JFK is $432.80 for the same dates with arrival in New York at 12:32pm and arrival in Bermuda at 10:17am. 

United offers the lowest price on those dates at $372.80 with arrival in Newark at 5:36pm and arrival in Bermuda at 2:53pm. 

Gary Kent Smith, senior travel advisor with WorldView Travel, told the Bermuda Sun Delta’s changes are good news for local consumers.

“It’s great for the people here in Bermuda.”

Mr Kent Smith said part of the problem of flying to LaGuardia, was that it was inconvenient for travellers looking to fly to Europe or Asia.

“Going to LaGuardia for international flights… the LaGuardia gateway wasn’t that good because you would have to change airports to catch the next flight — that was a deterrent for the customer. 

“But come May, you can go from here to Kennedy and then from Kennedy to Europe, or Kennedy to Asia without changing airports.”

He added the early morning flight to New York has its benefits as people who are looking to get on with their vacation can now get an earlier start. 

The later flight time in the afternoon also allows more possibilities of flying from Europe into JFK and hitting the Bermuda connector. 

“They’ll be definitely able to have a better chance of connecting.”

It also helps the business traveller who needs to catch an afternoon meeting in the Big Apple and then get back to the island before the end of the day. 

“Bermuda is well-served by the New York market as we’ll still have four flights,” Mr Kent Smith said.