Cooper's Harbourside Store will close as of February 1. *File photo
Cooper's Harbourside Store will close as of February 1. *File photo

WEDNESDAY, OCT. 17: The economy and lack of a cruise ship in Hamilton is closing another business on Front Street.

A.S. Cooper & Sons Ltd. announced they will be closing their Harbourside Store located at 24 Front St. effective Feb 1 with the loss of one job.

Other staff will be absorbed into the main store.

Somers Cooper, managing director, informed staff on Tuesday of the decision.

He said: “Regretfully, the prolonged weak economy has forced us to re-evaluate all of our lines of business and the locations they occupy.

“This difficult decision was necessary to facilitate the long-term success of the A.S. Cooper group of stores.”

Cooper's will consolidate most of the product lines represented at

Harbourside back in to their Main Store and will endeavour to place sales staff within the framework of the company.  It is expected that the closure will result in one redundancy.

Mr Cooper said: “Business at that location was always a challenge due to it being the only shop on that side of Front St.  

“While it provided a positive contribution for many years, sales have eroded over the last twelve to eighteen months.

“These conditions along with the departure of the Veendam sealed our fate. Our landlord, the Corporation of Hamilton has been a helpful and interested partner during our tenure there and I would like to publicly thank them for their support.”

Harbourside will continue to sell plus size fashions, accessories and home decor items through the Christmas season.

They also plan to open their Christmas shop at Harbourside later this month.  

Harbourside will become Cooper's clearance outlet in January and the company expects local customers will enjoy attractive sale prices on a myriad of goods and products for the month prior to closing.

Earlier this month the Bremuda Sun broke the story that Carole Holding was closing her Front Street location.

At that time Ms Holding told the Bermuda Sun: Carole Holding, CEO, said: “Unfortunately, without any regular cruise ship planned for Hamilton in the 2013 season and the increased number of tourists from hotels and Dockyard cruise ships who do not visit Hamilton, it no longer makes financial sense for us to have a Front Street location.”