BHI executive director Malika Musson
BHI executive director Malika Musson
21 April 2010

The Bermuda Hospitality Institute, Bermuda’s leading non-profit organisation working to facilitate the successful transition of Bermudians into the hospitality industry, will be relocating office to 22 Church Street as of July 1, 2014, within the headquarters of the Bermuda Tourism Authority. The move into the newly remodelled office space will enable the organisation to upgrade its infrastructure while cutting overhead, and will provide additional funds to be directed to their initiatives and educational programmes.

“I am very excited about this new step for the BHI,” says BHI executive director, Malika Musson. “Despite our small budget, BHI’s programs and outreach efforts have proven extremely successful. The savings we’ll realize by the move to the new office space will allow us to do even more to promote, encourage and support Bermudians seeking a career in the hospitality industry.”

The BTA welcomes the move, with BTA chief operating officer and former BHI CEO Karla Lacey adding: “BHI is a strategic partner to all stakeholders in the Island’s efforts to see Bermudians re-engaged with the tourism and hospitality industry. We’re looking forward to the additional vitality they’ll bring to the BTA’s offices as the dozens of volunteers and young people who participate in their programs utilize this space.”

BHI’s mandate and direction continues to be set by their Board of Directors, who fully supported the relocation. “We are pleased that the BTA recognizes the important work the organization continues to do,” said Muriel Richardson, BHI Board Chair. “Their decision to create a distinct space for BHI within their offices demonstrates the partnership and collaboration required by all stakeholders to reach our mutual goals.”

While the address will change, all other contact details – including email and phone numbers remain the same.

About Bermuda Hospitality Institute Bermuda Hospitality Institute, or BHI, is a non-profit organisation responsible for the development, growth and sustainability of Bermudians in the hospitality industry. For more information about BHI and their initiatives, please visit or call 295-5049.