THURSDAY, MAY 26: An American tourist who claimed she smoked marijuana for medicinal reasons was today fined $2000.

Teresa Sheridan, 53, of Oregon, pleaded guilty in Magistrates’ Court to one count of importing the controlled drug cannabis.

The court heard Sheridan arrived on a flight from New York to Bermuda on May 23 at 2:10pm.

She cleared immigration and was selected for a secondary search by Customs because a canine was alerted to her seat on the plane.

During the inspection, a Customs dog alerted the officers to Sheridan’s groin area.

When asked if she had any drugs, she said: “Yes, in between my legs”.

Officers searched her luggage and found a black container, a clear grinder with traces of plantlike material, rolling papers and a ceramic cigarette.

In a private search room, Sheridan removed a white sock from her groin area. The sock contained that had two plastic bags, one with coffee grinds and another with plantlike material.

Sheridan was arrested for importing three grams of cannabis.

Addressing the court, duty counsel Marc Daniels said Sheridan used the drug as treatment for depression.

“She uses weed to calm her nerves and should be dealt with by way of a fine,” he added.

Senior Magistrate Archibald Warner said: “The fact that she had it hidden between her legs would indicate she knew it was contraband.

“She knew it was illegal.”

Mr Warner gave Sheridan a $2000 fine to be paid immediately.

Yesterday Edith Lord Wolffe, a tourist from California, was jailed for 30 days and given a $3000 fine for importing 35 grams of cannabis.

The court heard the drug was prescribed for her chronic illness, Ménière's disease.

Wolffe’s lawyer, Mark Pettingill, has launched an appeal and a bail application.