FRIDAY, JUNE 24: An American tourist was fined $2,500 after he admitted bringing 10 grams of cannabis into the island.

Michael Montelli, 36, of Connecticut, was charged with importing cannabis into Bermuda on June 22.

The court heard the defendant boarded a cruise ship in New York and came into the island.

At 1:30pm on that day, officers heard a report of drugs being found in a room on the ship.

When they arrived, customs officers handed over a clear plastic bag with plantlike material and partially smoked cigarettes.

Police returned to the cruise ship later that day when the room’s occupants returned.

The police arrested both people, who denied the drugs belonged to them.

While at the Somerset Police Station, Montelli admitted the drugs were his.

Asked to address the court, the defendant said: “First I just want to apologise for being disrespectful and bringing it on the boat and in the country.

“I brought the drugs for myself.

“I do smoke it in the state that I’m in.

“It’s decriminalized and I had no intention of bringing it here to break the law.”

Montelli was ordered to pay his fine immediately.