Crackdown: All buses are to be fitted with CCTV. *File photo
Crackdown: All buses are to be fitted with CCTV. *File photo

FRIDAY, AUGUST 31: Terrified tourists cowered in fear as a gang of thugs beat up a man on a bus, the Bermuda Sun can reveal.

One eye-witness said: “It was terrifying and very disturbing — there was just nowhere to go.”

Ten men were involved in the attack.

Government last night cited a “growing trend” of anti-social behaviour on the buses and will press ahead with plans to install CCTV cameras on all of them.

The eye-witness, an island resident, told us: “Thank God they didn’t have any weapons — it could have been a lot worse. There were a lot of tourists on the bus and that gives a terrible impression of Bermuda. There were quite a few locals too, but there were definitely more tourists.”

“One thing that amazed me was that the bus didn’t appear to have any security cameras — I would expect that to be norm on buses these days.”

The incident happened on a bus travelling from Hamilton to Dockyard last Friday around 9.30pm.

A gang of around 10 young men got on the bus near Warwick Long Bay – and attacked another young male passenger.

The witness said: “There’s not much a bus driver can do to stop something like that. As quick as it happened, it was finished – but it was still a terrible and frightening experience.”

A Government spokeswoman said last night: “The Ministry of Transport and the Department of Public Transport (DPT) has zero tolerance of anti social behaviour on all our service vehicles and the safety of users and operators for us is a priority at all times.

“That said, the DPT can confirm that an incident report was filed by the operator of the bus, the police did attend, and the investigation is on-going.

“The DPT is concerned that it has noticed a growing trend of anti-social behaviour on public buses, however we are taking the appropriate steps to discourage this type of behaviour.

“It should be pointed out that Parliament recently passed Omnibus (Conduct) Legislation that includes penalties for offensive behaviour.

“Currently there are two buses that are fitted with cameras and there are plans to expand the usage of cameras throughout the fleet.”

The Sun has been informed that the 18-year-old local male victim, who apparently was not seriously injured, declined to make a formal complaint to police.