WEDNESDAY, DEC. 29: The Voters’ Rights Association (VRA) is calling for Premier Paula Cox to go public on Government’s plans for White’s Island.

In a press statement, the VRA, a community activist group, said rumours have been circulating about the island being turned into a juvenile prison.

The Bermuda Sun understands this is not correct — although the island has been leased to a new tenant and there are plans for it to become a ‘rehabilitation centre’ for troubled youth.

The VRA is co-chaired by Geoff Parker and Stuart Hayward.

Its statement read: “The VRA understands that individuals and organisations that have boat moorings close to White’s Island in Hamilton Harbour have been requested by Government to move them before the year’s end.

“We are not aware of the specific reason for the relocation of these moorings but it is rumored that Government has new plans for the use of this island, once a headquarters for youth sailing programmes for many decades.”

The VRA speculated that if White’s Island was to become a youth prison it could have barbed wire fences and a guard tower that would depreciate from the views of the multi-million dollar offices on Front Street.

Government has not responded to the speculation but the Bermuda Sun understands that nothing of that nature is planned.

The association is calling for Premier Cox to come forward with an explanation of what is planned.

The VRA says that “especially, if a change of use is on the cards,” it wants confirmation “that the appropriate applications will be lodged with the Department of Planning, enabling the general public to view and offer positive comment and or objections”.