Derek Spalding. <em>*Photo by Kageaki Smith</em><br />
Derek Spalding. *Photo by Kageaki Smith

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 6: Murder accused Derek Spalding told a jury today that he was jailed for armed robbery back in 1996.

The 36-year-old defendant is on trial for killing Shaki Crockwell on August 24, 2007 on the railway trail in Devonshire.

He is also charged with using a firearm to commit an indictable offence.

Taking the stand in his own defence this morning, Mr Spalding told the court he had committed an attempted armed robbery at Lindo's in Devonshire and an armed robbery at John Swan Realty.

Mr Spalding told the jury a man was shot during the incident at Lindo's

He said: "During the struggle was when Eugene Eversley got shot in his arm.

"I was detained and I confessed to that robbery and the other robbery as well."

The defendant said he pleaded guilty and was jailed for 28 years at the age of 20.

He told the court: "I was doing some shameful things, taking money from people and promising to pay it back.

"I was confused, basically living to get high."

Asked how he felt about his sentence, Mr Spalding said: "My life was over.

"I hadn't even lived.

"I had to do more time than actually live."

Mr Spalding denies the current charges.