The couple who were attacked in their hotel room at Grotto Bay put on a brave face after their nightmare ordeal. *Photo by Simon Jones
The couple who were attacked in their hotel room at Grotto Bay put on a brave face after their nightmare ordeal. *Photo by Simon Jones
A visiting couple have spoken of the terrifying moment they were attacked by a crazed knifeman in their hotel room.

They were woken in the middle of the night to find the masked man at the end of their bed, waving a blade and demanded money.

Yesterday Peter and Barbara — who are both doctors but asked only to be referred to by their first names for personal safety reasons — revealed the full horror of their experience.

Peter told the Sun he thought he was going to die after he was repeatedly stabbed during the attack.

His wife described how she desperately ran to raise the alarm after the raider  knocked her temporarily unconscious.

The couple, who were staying at the Grotto Bay Beach Resort, had arrived in Bermuda last Friday for a holiday and to take part in the Round the Sound Swim.

They had gone to bed on Saturday night hoping to get a good night’s sleep in preparation for the race.

But they were woken at 4:30am.

Peter, 61, said: “I heard this terrible sound and jumped straight out of bed.

“I saw this man standing at the end of our bed. I started yelling and screaming .

“I could see the blade in his hand – it was shining.

“The man was shouting at us — he wanted our money and passports — but I couldn’t really understand him because he had a strange accent.

“He came at me and stabbed me in the side of the leg — then he went for me again.

“It was like he was on drugs or something — he was excited and was running all over the place.”

Barbara, 60, ran to the phone to call for help.

But she was hit over the head with a blunt object by the intruder and knocked unconscious.

When she came around again the knifeman was still in the room, grappling with her husband.

She ran out the door and into the night to get help.

She said: “I have never run that fast in my life.

“My head was bleeding but I had to get out and get help.

“When I got to the office I started shouting at them to get help and call the police — I think they were completely stunned to see me in that state.”

Meanwhile the raider had locked Peter in the hotel room and continued to demand his money and the couple’s passports.

“He came at me with the knife again and stabbed me deep in my leg.

“There was blood everywhere but I could not feel any pain. He went to the drawers to look through them again and then came back at me.

“He held the knife high and came down with it on my chest. But the blade hit my sternum and did not penetrate.”

While the intruder continued to look through the couple’s belongings, Peter made a bid for freedom and bolted out the door.

He was covered in blood when he arrived at the hotel office.

“I was in shock,” he said. “I really thought the knife had gone through one of my arteries — I was bleeding so much I thought that that was it for me. I wasn’t sure I would survive.”

The couple, who live in New Jersey, were rushed to hospital where Peter underwent emergency surgery for the deep stab wound to his leg. He also received stitches for his other injuries to his chest and leg.

He remained in hospital until Monday.

Barbara also had stitches to a deep cut to the back of her head. She was released from hospital on Sunday.

She said: “The whole experience was worse than a horror movie and worse than anything we have gone through before.

“I found it hard spending the Saturday night on my own. I had the lights on and the TV on. I checked all the locks were locked.

“The people at Grotto Bay were amazing — they have been extremely kind and generous.

“They have done everything they can at the hotel to help and support us.

“We have been blown away by the kind wishes we have received from the Bermudian public and hospital staff. We have seen what Bermuda is really about after this horrible experience.”

Peter added: “Everyone has been amazing to us since this happened.

“The Department for Tourism visited me in hospital and got me new clothes. Even the people on my ward said how sorry they were this had happened to us.

“The organizers of the race we were supposed to take part have been very kind and supportive and even gave me a medal.

“Everyone we have come across since it happened has been so kind and warm in extending their sympathies and their prayers.

“We now know how incredible the real people of Bermuda are.”

Peter and Barbara leave Bermuda today to head home to the U.S. But they say they hope to be back next year to take part in the Around the Sound race.

Peter told the Sun: “It was really disappointing not to be able to take part in the race.

“We trained very hard for it and had set ourselves targets. We hope to come back next year and do the race.”

Anyone with information about the attempted robbery should call the St. George’s Criminal Investigation Unit on 293-2222.

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