National Security Minister Wayne Perinchief. *File photo by Kageaki Smith
National Security Minister Wayne Perinchief. *File photo by Kageaki Smith

FRIDAY, FEB. 10: A handbook on gang culture and symbols is to be created.

National Security Minister Wayne Perinchief said the manual would help people recognise the signs of gang membership — and assist them in combating the influence of gang culture.

Mr Perinchief told MPs today: “This handy reference guide will eliminate the mystery that surrounds the gang culture, detail why it is attractive to some of our young people and empower ordinary citizens with the knowledge required to reclaim their families, loved ones and communities.”

He said the guide would be unveiled at a public meeting on Wednesday, February 22, which will involve Government officials, volunteers, community workers and ordinary people who are working to fight the gang lifestyle.

Mr Perinchief added: “It is important that people know just what is being done and by whom. Sharing experiences is an important first step in aligning services in the community and eliminating gaps in that service.

“I expect to hear real people sharing the strategies they have employed in this effort and the team from the Ministry of National Security will carefully record best practices and note what is required to supplement their efforts.”

Mr Perinchief said: “Bermuda cannot afford complacency in the challenges we face, nor can we rely on others to meet the issue which is defines the times in which we live.

“This Government’s commitment is seen in the constant attention devoted to this issue. Our aim is to restore that sense of community and to empower citizens as equal partners in this important work.”

Mr Perinchief added that since he outlined a six point anti-gang strategy a week ago, he had met other Ministers, police officers and senior sports figures.

He said: “A common thread has emerged from these discussions — the need for action on a variety of fronts and the need to equip ordinary citizens with the knowledge required to individually and collectively play a part in reversing the destructive trend towards the gang lifestyle.”