THURSDAY, APRIL 12: An expert in digital computer forensics gave evidence today at the trial of alleged fraudsters Kyril Burrows and Delcina Bean-Burrows.

Their Supreme Court trial started on February 22 and has been delayed several times.

Paul Weall told the jury he found various documents on a desktop computer belonging to Mr Burrows and Mrs Bean-Burrows.

He took the jury through invoices he found and compared them to prosecution exhibits side by side.

One invoice referred to Simmons Maintenance and was compared against a prosecution exhibit with the same information.

Mr Weall said: “The dates were different, the hours were different.

“The way the box was laid out and the names were exactly the same.”

The witness said he then went to look for similar documents.

“Having found these documents, I looked to see where there were similar documents, maybe with different names but similar sorts of content so I started a manual search...

“I found an interesting document that was very similar to this invoice. It was a similar blank form. It was in the same folder as the one with Simmons Maintenance on it.”

Mr Weall said he wanted to see if any other documents had been created using the blank invoice and found a document called invoiceyourcompanyname.doc.

He said after a Google search, he found the template was from Microsoft Office’s website.

Another invoice was shown to the jury from J & M Construction Ltd and was compared to a prosecution exhibit.

Most of the information was the same, aside from spelling errors found on the one from the computer.

Mr Burrows, 48, and Mrs Bean-Burrows, 49, allegedly had their home built on government’s dime, bought flat screen TVs and pocketed thousands of dollars over a three-year period.

The couple is on trial for fraud against Government for more than $553,000.

There are 35 counts on the indictment with Mr Burrows charged with 15 allegations, Mrs Bean-Burrows charged with two and the couple charged jointly with 18.

Charges are related to alleged incidents between 2005 and 2008 involving money laundering, false accounting, obtaining money transfers by deception and obtaining property by deception.

Mr Burrows and Mrs Bean-Burrows do not have legal representation.