A mother’s wisdom can often carry us through the hardest times of our lives, and that is the inspiration for a book being published next week.

Rosheena Beek has been writing for the past 30 years but on March 19 will publish her first book, I Find It So Hard.

The book is a 28-page poem about three siblings who are having difficulties being themselves but who discover that most challenges can be solved one way or another. 

Ms Beek was inspired to write the book after listening to the conversation her two youngest children were having one day.


“I heard their conversation and thought, ‘It’s great that they are talking about their feelings’,” she said.

“Then I listened closer and realized, ‘Wait a minute, those are my words’.

I realized that me speaking to them over the years has resonated in their souls and has become a part of them.

“I turned around immediately and wrote the poem.

“It is about the power of continuous communication.

“As parents we think it is all going in one ear and out the other but this was one of the best feelings I have had.”

The mother-of-three hopes her book can become a tool for young children and their parents, helping them to overcome obstacles while realizing their triumphs.

“We don’t realize how hard it is for children to be raised in this world right now.

“There are so many influences from television, the Internet, DVDs, PSPs…

“On top of that you have bullying and everyday things like that.

“This is a foundation laid down by a mother on how to deal with life.”

I Find It So Hard has been illustrated by 17-year-old artist Leon Forde, who himself has experienced challenging times.

He found life so hard he ended up being coached in a local boys’ home. Leon has now graduated from high school and is majoring in Graphic Design at Bermuda College.

I Find It So Hard will be on sale at Bookmart from March 19.