No. 719


The Registrar of Companies has reasonable cause to believe that the companies specified in the schedule hereto are not carrying on business or are not in operation; accordingly 

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that at the expiration of three months from the date of publication of this Notice the companies listed in the attached Schedule will unless cause is shown to the contrary be STRUCK-OFF the Register and will be DISSOLVED.


Global Logistics IV Ltd.

Stephen Lowe
20 August 2012
No. 720

The following persons were temporarily deferred from military service under the provisions of Section 25 of the Defence Act 1965 (as amended). For all those persons listed below the period of deferment of service has expired.

You are required to recommence your military service under the provisions of Section 26 of the Defence Act 1965 (as amended).  Failure to comply constitutes an offence and is punishable on conviction by imprisonment and/or fine.

All persons listed must report to Warwick Camp at 6:30pm on Tuesday 02 October 2012 or Thursday 04 October 2012.

Persons wishing to reapply for deferment of service MUST bring with them, written documentary evidence to support their application when they report to Warwick Camp.

Regiment #RankLast NameChristian NamesDate of Birth

8768PteAITKENAron Nialson26 March 1980

10430LCplANDERSONLiam Brady1 October 1984

10629PteASTWOODJay Malachi29 December 1989

10101PteAUGUSTUSRakai Malcom20 August 1987

10288PteAUGUSTUSTimothy Ledrew22 November 1985

10785PteBALLAllan Wayne16 August 1988

10880PteBASCOMEEarl Nikki24 October 1990

102 01PteBASCOMEJason Jermaine24 July 1986

11062PteBASSETTTevin Mark Anthony14 March 1992

10989PteBATHStephen Richard21 November 1986

10475PteBAXTERJames Ford28 April 1987

10886PteBEANDionti Christopher James21 August 1990

10977PteBEANRandy Morton24 July 1990

9248PteBELLOQUETFrancois Steve Henri29 January 1982

10148LCplBINNSRickai Leroy9 April 1984

9806PteBOTELHOJames Theodore7 December 1982

10878PteBRANCORyan Mark20 February 1991

8916LCplBRANGMANKenneth Joshua Eugene1 June 1981

10814WPteBRANGMANLatoya Ashley4 May 1988

11046PteBRANGMANRandy Bobby12 October 1990

9270PteBRISSONDaniel James27 January 1983

10293PteBROOKESJames Anthony Fleming5 July 1984

10132PteBROWNAaron Jermain28 December 1983

8765LCplBROWNEarlston Nole22 March 1980

10294PteBROWNShay Anthoni24 January 1981

10169PteBURCHLorenzo Clarence15 November 1985

8812PteBURCHALLTimothy Tyson6 April 1980

9810BdsmBURGESSLlewellyn Leonard8 December 1983

10641PteBURGESSMichael James Richmond14 November 1989

11128PteBURGESSShae Angelo18 July 1991

10486PteBURLANDTimothy Andrew26 November 1985

10644PteBURROWSShane  Granville9 December 1987

9957PteBUTTERFIELDKian Antoine4 May 1985

9076LCplBUTTERFIELDQuinton Berkley29 August 1980

10985PteBUTTERFIELDRaymond Antonio9 December 1988

10959PteCAINESLamar Shakir Winfield3 December 1984

10096PteCAISEYChristopher Sean Gilbert1 December 1985

10956PteCANNJustin David13 March 1987

9532LCplCARDOSORichardo Luis7 July 1980

11042PteCHAMBRAYTravis Evan14 October 1990

11130PteCHARLTONNicholas Alexander James21 June 1986

9174PteCODRINGTONSidon Earl30 December 1981

10424LCplCOLEGlenford Washington17 October 1988

10947A/LCplCROCKWELLMikkail Kristopher Stuart20 February 1990

10961PteDANIELSShacoi Wendall9 June 1989

8912PteDECOSTAChristopher Edwards23 February 1980

10820PteDECOUTOJulian Thomas24 May 1988

10499PteDEPONTEMichael Joseph2 December 1988

10244PteDICKERSONUrian Keon8 September 1988

9833PteDICKINSONTafari Nelson24 January 1983

10660PteDILLDaniel Thomas 29 March 1986

10939PteDILLDeshun Shawn3 March 1991

10905PteDILLKyle28 May 1990

10239PteDILLLorenzo Justin20 December 1986

10781PteDILLStefan Clarence21 August 1990

10873PteDOLANChristian William2 June 1986

11274PteDOWLINGJahde Jamal10 February 1993

9636PteDUBLINKershun Kenneth20 November 1983

10311LCplDUNSTANTyler Blane17 April 1986

11246PteEVANSRayshun Khyree29 December 1991

10669PteEVERYCraig Robert2 August 1987

10426LCplFERREIRADavid Charles28 August 1981

10055PteFLOODChris9 September 1986

10804PteFLOYDCameron Ryan6 September 1986

9841PteFRANKLINSimon David16 February 1980

10676PteFRANKSArian Ra’Mar17 July 1988

10678PteFURBERTJamin Allan12 May 1990

9311PteFURBERTShay Andre19 October 1981

10509PteFURBERTShayne Cariece Cecil20 September 1988

9681PteGASCOIGNEMichael Paul2 October 1983

10514LCplGORDONRonald Eugene12 December 1982

9848PteGRAHAMEdward Kenneth8 June 1982

10439PteGREENWOODEzekiel Emmanuel25 December 1983

10515PteHAAKPaschal Honor4 December 1986

9189PteHARDTMANJamel Anthony12 September 1981

10270PteHARVEYTeko Deandre20 September 1986

10786PteHASSELLMaxwell Leon Simmons26 November 1984

10441PteHASSELLShawn Cori23 February 1988

10516LCplHAYWARDAnthony Quinton29 July 1987

9943PteHEDGESChristopher John13 January 1980

9851LCplHILLIERJames Ashley11 May 1981

10320PteHITCHCOCKJonathan Mark12 October 1987

10691PteHODSONKijuan Eric6 June 1990

10692PteHOLLISDante Trevor3 December 1986

10321PteHOLLISJared Christopher10 March 1985

10599PteHOLLISShayne Devere Leighland2 April 1989

10751LCplHOOPERAlexander Roy22 December 1989

9853CplJACKAlastair Michael25 June 1984

10205PteJACKSONAaron George24 October 1984

11003PteJACKSONAllon D’Vore25 April 1988

9854PteJACKSONAndre George6 January 1983

10801PteJACKSONCameron Andrew20 December 1986

10883PteJAMESJonathan Winfield14 March 1988

9446PteJOAQUINDante Leon Edward31 December 1981

9766LCplJOHNSONMichael Cromwell Eronal25 November 1982

10012PteJONESQuinton Eugene4 September 1983

10152PteJONESRaymond Eugenious4 December 1985

8910PteJONESVere Duane17 February 1981

10597PteKNIGHTStefan Richard14 July 1989

9857PteKUHNJustin Allan5 September 1985

9858PteLAINGAdam Clemens13 October 1981

10057PteLAMBERTMichael Dwayne9 January 1987

10884PteLAMBERTStefan19 July 1990

9071PteLEE IIRobert Anthony14 October 1980

9989BdsmLINESAlexander Stanley15 April 1983

10411PteLOWEAntonio Juan9 June 1986

11091PteLOWEGarrett Carlton Austin14 October 1989

10054PteLOWEJustin Allen Sinclair15 February 1986

10331PteMADEIROSHarold Justin3 June 1988

11014PteMARSHALLAndre Roger Eustace18 November 1990

9541PteMARSHALLLamont  Winston22 July 1984

10707PteMARTINBenjamin William4 April 1989

9465PteMARTINKe’andre Omari31 January 1984

10241PteMATTHEWSJames Kenneth4 November 1985

11086PteMAYNEKenneth Edward14 March 1992

9872PteMCINTOSHAdam Alexander16 December 1983

10335PteMCINTOSHNeil William11 May 1983

9148PteMEDEIROSEduardo Cabral21 June 1981

9876PteMEJIASNiko Antonio3 September 1981

10115PteMILLSJessie Yannis10 September 1983

9881PteMORRISONMark Ruwan2 May 1984

10713PteMORRISSEYChe’ Sinclair28 April 1990

11000PteNESBITTRyan Jason Anton20 March 1984

9703PteNEWTONJepheth Antonio19 October 1980

10784PteO’HARACullen John25 October 1983

9425PteO’NIELLPeter Charles30 September 1983

11100PteOSBORNEAndrew Thomas16 July 1988

10343PteOUTERBRIDGEHoward Leroy4 August 1988

9278LCplPAIVADominic Antonio30 April 1981

9885PtePARFITTKarl Kyjuan21 July 1984

9075PtePAYNTERLamelle Devrone12 August 1980

10344PtePEREIRAJoshua Alves8 July 1987

9889PtePERSADRonald Aaron9 May 1985

10552PtePETTYLandon William1 August 1986

11219PtePHILLIPCarlsen Eugene18 June 1991

10553PtePHILLIPSEarl Patrick25 October 1988

8988PtePHILLIPSJustin Brant29 June 1980

10194PtePHILPOTTShaun Sinclair22 May 1982

10854PtePIGGOTHarrison George3 January 1991

10783PtePIMENTALColby Matthew13 September 1990

10554PtePIPERMarco Anthony11 August 1986

11324PtePITCHERDamian Cleveland2 August 1989

10141PtePITCHERHunter Elvyn Rabain30 June 1987

10423PtePITCHERJerolamon Vanderbilt17 January 1988

9706LCplPITCHERKhalid Gerard30 December 1982

10724PtePITCHERScott Anthony8 May 1990

10461PteRAMSAYCameron Antoine7 November 1987

10350PteRAYAlan Louis15 February 1988

10731PteREBELLORyan Michael6 March 1988

10562PteRICHARDSONBlaine Barrington Roydon20 October 1988

10732PteRICHARDSONDwight27 October 1984

10354PteRICHARDSONEdward Jonathon Leclair6 February 1983

9449PteRICHARDSONNikkie Lamar4 June 1983

10563BdsmRICHARDSON IIRoy Algernon22 May 1984

10863PteROBINSONDylan James23 April 1988

10357PteROBINSONJan-Michael2 March 1987

10161PteSCHWAEGERLAndrew Scott Valentin21 September 1983

11184PteSCOTTONIan Connor3 May 1987

10570PteSCRADERSTymothy Nesbitt22 June 1988

10437PteSEYMOURGeivel Leroy4 May 1989

10173PteSHAWKISalih Hanif3 August 1985

9904PteSIMMONSAkil Jabari27 December 1986

11106PteSIMMONSJustin Carmal Aristotle9 February 1985

11005PteSIMMONSTY-Jon Eugene Marcus29 June 1990

9549PteSIMONSJamel Antoine9 March 1983

10062PteSIMONSJason Scott6 December 1980

10362PteSIMONSJermaine Timothy27 December 1983

10363PteSIMONSJerry Regis6 October 1987

10601PteSIMONSKeivon O’Shea Eugene24 May 1987

10744PteSIMONSRory James Eugene7 June 1989

10661PteSMITHAndrew David Wilmot7 October 1988

9168PteSMITHAntar Gregory26 April 1982

9572PteSMITHAntonio Troy15 April 1983

9039PteSMITHBakari Dai29 June 1981

9591PteSMITHCollins Lorne19 April 1984

10717PteSMITHD’Andru Nigel Blaine30 October 1989

9027PteSMITHDwayne Tyrone12 August 1981

9010PteSMITHHarley John8 October 1980

10365PteSMITHJamal Deon22 March 1985

9716PteSMITHJason12 October 1982

10367PteSMITHKacey11 January 1988

10368PteSMITHKeane Vaughn25 September 1986

9187LCplSMITHKeidric Sobhuza8 August 1982

10245PteSMITHKyle David7 February 1986

10237PteSMITHLevi Carlton10 December 1985

10622PteSMITHTreadwell Gwynn18 October 1986

9915PteSMITHTrovaughn Dean11 March 1985

10818PteSOMNERDejuan Washington29 June 1990


11019PteSOUZARyan Alan Franshaw12 October 1991

10578PteSPENCERCavon Don-Ray14 September 1988

9003LCplSTEEDEAnthony Louis1 February 1981

9648PteSTEEDEDennis Jamel2 February 1980

10374PteSTEMPHLETMarc Lucien9 March 1980

10754PteSTEVENSONWilliam Cooper4 May 1988

9973PteSTEWARTDavid McCosh15 December 1982

11116PteSTEYNORAllan Kenneth27 June 1986

10580PteSTOVELLAntrone Quinton4 May 1989

10779PteSTOVELLJavon Richard2 October 1989

9614PteSWANNiedel Kevon Tyrone24 October 1983

10758PteSYMONSLeroy Nathaniel11 March 1990

10379PteTALBOTAlje30 August 1988

11102PteTANNOCKLorin David Lionel13 September 1989

10381PteTHOMASCalvin Winfield6 May 1987

10382PteTHOMASPhillip Anthony Eugene26 September 1983

9929PteTHOMPSON-Alex28 June 1984


9528PteTRIMMRamon Keon22 February 1984

10074PteTROTTDaniel28 November 1985

10604PteTROTTJustin Mark Reginald23 September 1988

9507PteTROTTShannon Keith Nathen4 September 1983

10385PteTUCKERDaniel Cornelius25 February 1988

9963PteTUCKERKyrawn Sven10 December 1984

10584PteTUCKERTamauri Eugene10 December 1988

10388PteTURNERBryan Hamilton3 September 1985

9987PteTUZODainavon Malachi23 May 1983

10767PteTWEEDChe Troy William17 March 1989

10389PteVENEYJelani Mallory16 November 1985

9121LCplWAINWRIGHTSamuel Cyril Donald Wayne12 April 1980

9140PteWALKERAntione Bryan Myles9 January 1982

10391PteWALKESBarry Eucled1 January 1988

10392PteWASHINGTONJacal Anthony3 May 1986

10394A/LCplWEARESimon James Reginald3 October 1982

10586PteWEARSMichael Joseph Sheridan24 February 1989

10835PteWEEKSMarcus Tarik19 October 1990

10395PteWESTJerome Antonio4 May 1986

9746PteWILLIAMSDulani Wycliffe27 June 1980

9941LCplWILLIAMSRian Addington7 September 1983

10398PteWILLIAMSTheron Noel Swan9 December 1985

10590PteWILLOUGHBYDavid Stuart23 February 1989

10591LCplWILSONLegray Basil Josiah9 November 1985

10400LCplWILSONPaul Tyler8 October 1983

10089PteWINFIELDAlexander Gordon31 July 1980

10401PteWISSINGMatthew Alexander5 July 1984

10773PteWOLFFENicolas Michael George16 August 1990

10774PteWOODLEYTi-rel Tremaine8 November 1989

10403PteWOOLRIDGEKanhai Anthony19 August 1987

9727PteWOOLRIDGEWentworth McNeil10 October 1980

10775PteWRIGHTTraymetri23 February 1998

10595PteZUILLJavon David Lloyd16 November 1983

No. 721

The following persons were temporarily deferred from military service under the provisions of Section 25 of the Defence Act 1965 (as amended).  For all those persons listed below the period of deferment of service has expired.

You are required to commence your military service under the provisions of Section 26 of the Defence Act 1965 (as amended).  Failure to comply constitutes an offence and is punishable on conviction by imprisonment and/or fine.

All persons listed must report to Warwick Camp at 6:30pm on Tuesday 02 October 2012 or Thursday 04 October 2012.

Persons wishing to reapply for deferment of service MUST bring with them, written documentary evidence to support their application when they report to Warwick Camp.

Regiment #RankLast NameChristian NamesDate of Birth

10927PteADAMSDerwin O’Neil28 April 1988

11157PteALBUOYKevon Jamel 4 August 1988

10871PteALEXANDERLogan Blake6 October 1986

10060PteANDERSONDerek29 December 1983

10278PteANDERSONRobin Lindsay Anderson23 April 1982

9300PteASTWOODStephen Arnez8 September 1981

9956PteBAKERImmanuel Seth20 March 1985

11068PteBAKERJevon Sinclair7 February 1991

10289PteBAKERTorrie Jason25 May 1987

10617PteBALLJonathan Edward6 January 1985

11022PteBALLSergio Anthony20 December 1989

10633PteBARTLETTRichard Alexander9 July 1981

9610PteBASCOMETahir Nestar10 March 1982

9469PteBASDENEarl James6 November 1983

11054PteBATSONBrian Evoryd Gareth14 January 1992

9202PteBEANJohni Everett18 March 1982

10204PteBEANKevin Eugene14 February 1986

11045PteBEANKwame Duane Deroza5 December 1991

9980PteBEANRodrico MacDonald Allen3 December 1986

11056PteBEEKRico Jose Demeek4 July 1992

11119PteBELLDamali Ishmael Robert26 March 1992

10105PteBELVEDEREAllessandro Lorenzo8 August 1983

8732PteBENJAMINDale Eugene17 June 1980

10029PteBENTOAndy14 September 1986

10916PteBEYTaalib Abdus-Sabur31 August 1991

9670PteBIRCHAdam Mark23 October 1981

9235PteBLAKENEYJahmel Glenn27 September 1981

11336PteBOLDENCameron David Francis21 November 1992

10070PteBORDENClarence Deon16 October 1985

9805PteBORDENDelyone Charles4 March 1985

9518PteBOVELLGilbert Paul4 June 1982

9374PteBRANGMANLewis Richard Loren12 June 1980

10481PteBRANGMANNasir Basim14 October 1988

10230PteBRIMMERDavano Jakai Spencer7 May 1987

11354PteBROOKSAlexander Richard8 April 1984

11029PteBROWNLance20 August 1991

9589PteBURCHEdward Damien15 October 1982

11082PteBURCHWillard Reglan Michael17 November 1991

10449PteBURCHALLMatthew James20 May 1984

10975PteBURCHALLRonald Eugene29 October 1988

9096PteBURGESSBlaize Jermaine14 February 1982

9672PteBURGESSJocal Wayne24 July 1984

9068PteBURGESSKevin Keegan10 April 1981

9673PteBURGESSLyndon Nigel17 November 1980

11127PteBURGESSQuincy O’Brian14 October 1980

10030PteBURROWSHarold Maxwell9 March 1987

10295PteBURROWSMarcal Eugene24 May 1986

11151PteBURROWSRyan Benjamin20 December 1991

11129PteBUTTERFIELDAllafia Kareem13 June 1991

10296PteBUTTERFIELDAntinori13 August 1987

10023PteBUTTERFIELDRoger Lamont14 April 1986

11269PteCABRALAndrew Ryan10 December 1992

10208PteCABRALJason Anthony22 March 1982

9756PteCAISEYKwame Christopher6 August 1982

10982PteCALDEREugene Horace6 January 1984

10648PteCAMPBELLMichiko Wayne Winsfield20 November 1989

11204PteCANNElrico Alex19 November 1989

10238PteCARLINGTONJelani James12 December 1986

10978PteCARLINGTONOleney-Chey Byron18 March 1991

11032PteCARLINGTONScott  Andrew3 June 1991

10492PteCARTERLacy Benjamin24 November 1987

11027PteCASTLECornell Wayne Antonio13 October 1986

11337PteCAULFIELDThomas James8 February 1989

10902PteCHARLTONAlexander Michael24 February 1989

9430PteCHASEAaron Michael2 January 1984

11024PteCHRISTOPHERTerrance Winston19 November 1990

11023PteCHRISTOPHERTerron Solomon Winston31 March 1992

10656PteCOOPERJahquan Calshunto25 July 1990


11338PteCORDAYChristopher David1 September 1991

9676PteCOSSARAndrew Jack26 February 1981

11332PteCOXDeunde Shakeel11 June 1993

10072PteCROFTONRamonette Vincent19 March 1987


11361PteDANIELSJames  Michael14 November 1989

9959PteDARRELLAntwon Jevon6 April 1986

10305PteDARRELLJade Vincent25 July 1988

9353PteDAVISJumaane Eugene1 September 1981

11131PteDAVISKaijay Melvin Everard7 December 1985

10306PteDAVISMatthew Joseph 31 July 1984

10410PteDAVISShaun Anthony3 December 1986

11275PteDAVISTroyunde Eric Gonsalves23 March 1993

10609PteDENBROOKRonald Earl5 August 1987

10433PteDICKINSONKamel Wayne28 October 1986

10500PteDIETZShane  Gregory11 April 1988

9498PteDILLJamar Antoine Llewelyn26 August 1982

11351PteDILLOmar Charles Lamont7 June 1987

10309PteDILLTerrance Antoine16 September 1986

10920PteDILLASAntoine1 August 1991

10971PteDILLASRas-Dronde Darrell14 July 1991

11180PteDOARSDelbert Isiah22 June 1991

10501PteDOUGLASChristopher John31 May 1989


11240PteDOWLINGArthur Peter25 July 1990

10412PteDOYLECharles Stuart31 December 1985

10121PteDUPERREAULTDavid Bean25 February 1985

9573PteDURRANTKenneth Sinclair6 September 1983

10145PteDURRANTMatthew John19 March 1982

11037PteDYERChe Alexander7 June 1991

11327PteDYERPaul Tarick19 December 1992

10666PteDYERPhillip John23 May 1988

10503PteDYERShannon Owen23 July 1985

9536PteEASTONShaki Detroy16 February 1983

10038PteEBBINWendell Eugene18 March 1983

9450PteEDNESSJekon Anthony Eugene13 September 1983

10921PteEDWARDSKeiran Chioke8 April 1990

9324PteEVEDennis Shavon24 October 1981

10875PteEVEXavion29 July 1981

10126PteFAMOUS IIAndre Quentin13 September 1986

11132PteFARIESAnthony John2 March 1991

11279PteFAYMichael Anthony24 June 1987

9951PteFERREIRAEllison David3 August 1983

10172PteFERREIRAMichael Andrew14 November 1982

10184PteFINSNESSChristopher Erling25 January 1985

10077PteFLETCHERChristopher28 October 1982

10674PteFOGGOWarren Delroy Heath13 May 1990


11289PteFORBESRobert James Richard21 November 1990

9495PteFORDEAlvin Eugene2 June 1982

9358PteFOXAlexander Curtis4 February 1981

10182PteFOXMark Edwin12 November 1986

11323PteFRANKLINMicah David Nathaniel2 September 1992

11340PteFRICKNathan Doucette4 December 1989

11169PteFRITHIan Michael9 November 1986

10264PteFUBLERKejon Richard22 July 1987

10677PteFURBERTCalworth Livingston2 January 1987

9743PteFURBERTJason Lionell19 January 1984

10003PteFURBERTO’Dell Hedley31 July 1983

11049PteGALLOWAYDaniel Ian16 December 1991

11030PteGARDNERKenneth Winston21 March 1992

10511PteGIBBONSEdmund Graham13 February 1986

9763PteGIBBONSKumondi Graham25 March 1982

10848PteGIBBONSShamir Zahn1 January 1991

8951PteGIBBONS-Michael Anthony9 March 1981


10028PteGILBERTAlex John28 July 1982

11342PteGODFREYKyle Eardley21 June 1993

11285PteGORDONDamien Neil Ivan Dennis11 July 1988

11243PteGOSLINGAmbrose William8 April 1988

10682PteGRANTAnthony Paul1 February 1988

11334PteGREENEIvan Paul Rexbrett20 September 1988

11098PteGUNTLBrent Dennis28 June 1990

11109PteHALLFrederick Michael Goerge3 March 1985

9556PteHARRISFrankco Kent Jamal24 June 1984

11048PteHARRISONVernon Zechariah9 April 1992

10686PteHASSELLDwayne Temiko Eugene10 July 1988

9225PteHASSELLElvin Jamel Terricho14 July 1980

9454PteHASSELLNicholas Anthony3 July 1984

11135PteHASSELLNikhil Neville Laine14 July 1992

10957PteHERBERTChad25 May 1987

10518PteHINDSKhalifa Abinbola Sinclair15 September 1988

10000PteHOLDERLevar Edwin Grant14 June 1985

9070PteHOLDERLoderick Ross21 September 1980

9499PteHOLLISGraham Arthur21 April 1981

11254PteHOLLISRupert Gary17 November 1992

11322PteHOSKINSNicholas Anthony27 March 1989

11136PteHOWARDPaul Kenneth James11 June 1984

10888PteHOWELLAnthony Joslyn-Albert30 March 1991

9360PteHUGHESShaki Elton Damond17 July 1982

11356WPteIBLELeilani Kalila Kedma1 November 1992

10200PteINGHAMKyle Larry4 May 1985

10220PteJAMESAaron Ewart10 October 1984

9691PteJATTOEneye Chester29 June 1985

11331PteJOAQUINJai Ashlee29 April 1992

10936PteJOELL-Ashlye Aaron25 July 1990


10696PteJOHANSENMeekai Charles Darrell17 July 1987

8972PteJOHNSTONEugene Littenfield22 May 1981

11103PteKEHRLIMax Peter18 December 1987

10523PteKELLYSean Michael3 April 1981

10324PteKEMPEOliver James13 April 1988

11047PteKENNYAustin Vincent19 December 1987

10932PteKENNYStephen William1 September 1986

11333PteKESSARAMLucas Harley11 February 1992

10929PteKING  Leigh Vincent25 October 1985

9732PteKRIENDLERStuart Thomas William14 November 1980

10698PteLAINGAndrew Clemens8 May 1985

9410PteLAMBDerek Perry21 September 1983

10199PteLAMBEVernell Gregory4 April 1987

10955PteLAMBEVernon George3 January 1986

11076PteLAMBERTTashun Adante11 August 1989

10700PteLATHANKyle Eric25 September 1985

10900PteLAWStephen Charles7 February 1986

10889PteLEEAnthoni Daniel Kenneth25 May 1984

11081PteLEEJames Richard24 March 1989

9242PteLEEJohn Michael22 April 1982

9034PteLIGHTBOURNEAnthoni Noel29 May 1981

10704PteLIGHTBOURNETrent Aaron25 April 1989

11137PteLISTERTerry Eugene James5 November 1986

10195PteLODGEGladwin Omar4 November 1986

11173PteLOPESChristopher Ryan26 August 1988

10276PteLOWEJequan Randolph29 May 1986

10970PteLOWEJevon Denton22 July 1980

11291PteLOWEQuadra’ Dashun4 August 1992

10188PteMARONIEJodi Rick26 December 1984

10969PteMARTINAlexander Ryan4 May 1990

10147PteMARTINMelvin Edmund15 May 1985

11025PteMARTINStephen Thomas Ridgway28 November 1991

9995PteMASTERSKlye Chan4 December 1983

10968PteMATCHAMAlexander Bridan15 August 1991

10534PteMATOSChristopher Valter28 December 1984

11232PteMATTHEWJevon Steven14 September 1988

11138PteMATTHEWSDamien Lloyd30 June 1986

11055PteMATTIS-Aaron Jason17 July 1988


10711PteMAYBURYJustin David9 February 1989

10242PteMAYBURYKeerome Jemar3 February 1980

9241PteMAYBURYKemar Jerome21 September 1981

9753PteMAYBURYPaul Collin25 August 1981

10926PteMAYHOKhushun29 May 1988

11241PteMCBEATHJonathan Campbell24 September 1988

9334PteMCHARDYAnthony Alphonso9 September 1981

11069PteMCINTOSHDejion Mien30 November 1991

10535PteMEDEIROSJeremy Andrew4 December 1988

10834PteMELVINAlexander Kristian4 April 1985


10632PteMINGAmir Anthony2 March 1989

9327PteMINGTekle Zion26 August 1982

9448PteMINORSJavon Matthew28 February 1984

11233PteMINORSLeron21 August 1990

11330PteMITCHELLBradley Stefan Gerald22 March 1989

10539PteMITCHELLEnrico Scott15 November 1988

10857PteMORGANSteven Edward15 March 1991

11326PteMORRISGeorge Deondre26 June 1989

10123PteMORRISSEYJevone McCray11 December 1985

10338PteMORRISSEYShane Desmond7 May 1985

11250PteMUHAMMADKhalid Yahya Abdullah13 April 1993

11038PteMUNDYJustice Jaquil1 August 1992

9433PteMURPHYPaul Edward30 October 1983

10413PteMURRAYMichael Anthony10 May 1988

11329PteNELSONAaron Delisle7 February 1992

11294PteNEPEIRDevon Anthony4 September 1992

11251PteO’CONNORTajai Patrick13 September 1992

11026PteOTTLEYTai-quan Eugene29 August 1991

10193PteOUTERBRIDGEBayard Duval28 September 1983

11117PteOUTERBRIDGEJonathan Joseph31 December 1991


11234PteOUTERBRIDGEMatthew Jay23 April 1989

10549PtePACHECOMark Anothy9 November 1984

11303PtePARKERNicholas Jon8 April 1992

11235PtePAULMarieko Akiem8 October 1990

11096PtePAVY-ROBANTere` O’Neil Alexander9 May 1992

9420PtePAYNTERErnest Onslow14 March 1984

11341PtePEARMANReuben Sinclair21 October 1992

11353PtePEMBERTONLuke Arthur Saladin26 August 1986

9461PtePENISTONJared Aki28 August 1982

9333PtePERINCHIEFJohn Claude22 March 1983

11236PtePERRETPatrick Marcel1 January 1989

9890PtePERRETRoger Rene24 December 1985

10210PtePERRYChristopher Fernance1 October 1980

11325PtePERRYJonathan Michael3 April 1985

11039PtePERRYNathaniel15 August 1991

10723PtePHILLIPSDamir Osha3 September 1987

8901PtePHILLIPSWendell Gibran3 May 1980

11066PtePIMENTALRodney Charles Cabral16 October 1991

11095PtePIMENTELErik Bradley24 April 1990

11237PtePIMENTELMichael Andrew5 August 1989

9424PtePITCHEROliver Llewellyn27 May 1983

11300PtePLACEAndre Aaron Jah-dre20 December 1990

9431PtePOLLARDNigel Christopher24 May 1980

10864PtePOWELLMark Richard19 December 1989

10417PteRATTERAYEllsworth St George’s27 November 1985

10821PteRAWLINSEston Shadoe Furquan20 June 1990

11171PteRAWLINSZacchaeus Hastings28 November 1991

11142PteRAYNORBlake Sheridan Glenn5 April 1983

11343PteRAYNORJonte Maurice3 January 1993

11302PteRICHARDSO’Brien Charles16 September 1992

10892PteRICHARDSONDarren Patrick2 June 1983

10353PteRICHARDSONDevron Undreas4 April 1987

10378PteRICHARDSONLevi10 May 1986

10966PteRICHARDSONSergio McLaren6 August 1991

10127PteROACHDavid Carter1 September 1984

11163PteROBINSONBakari Harun14 August 1989

11238PteROBINSONDaeshun Santos31 December 1990

9458PteROBINSONJonathan Chase8 April 1982

10109PteROBINSONKenan Fredrick Leroy28 November 1985

10094PteROBINSONNathan22 March 1984

11153PteROBINSONPhillip Jonathan12 November 1985

11107PteROBINSONStephen Llewellyn18 October 1988

11239PteROBINSONTravis Stephen Andreas4 January 1988

11120PteROBINSONZane Michael10 April 1992

10931PteROCHADaniel Ray12 September 1988

10979PteROSEGregory Joseph19 July 1986

10738PteSALTUSJahki Andre27 March 1989

10202PteSCOTTKori Eugene23 May 1984

10569PteSCOTTLindley James Malik11 October 1987

11357PteSCRADERSGere Anne9 March 1992

11307PteSEEPERSADSanford Keeshun7 February 1993

11344PteSELLEYCurt Walker30 April 1991

11308PteSGOBBAChristopher David21 June 1988

11328PteSHARRIEFFKarriem Akbar18 April 1985

10740PteSHOWERSKyle Omar13 June 1990

11226PteSHRUBBJeremy Keith Paul2 January 1986

11090PteSIMMONSAllen Eugene Victor30 April 1991

11227PteSIMMONSErik Russell Oliver17 July 1989

9468PteSIMMONSJamion Raymond6 January 1983

11242PteSIMMONSJustin Leroy4 September 1990

10741PteSIMMONSKyle Enreiko20 August 1990

8884PteSIMMONSSean Pierre26 August 1980

11044PteSIMMONSZaid22 March 1990

11078PteSIMMONSZikomo Leslie Raymond17 February 1985

10361PteSIMONSDarian Edwin28 September 1986

10743PteSIMONSDenton Omar McNeil17 January 1990

9019PteSIMONSKylo Damien28 June 1981

10415PteSKINNERSteven Keith15 September 1986

11228PteSMITHCarlton Leroy Clinton9 February 1990

9331PteSMITHChristian Marc Francis21 May 1983

9991PteSMITHClay Eric Christopher16 April 1985

11346PteSMITHDominique Maurice21 December 1992

11362PteSMITHJamali Llewellyn8 January 1992


10694PteSMITHLeon Winfield27 May 1981

10226PteSMITHPrice Blackburn16 May 1982

9200PteSMITHRonald Kevon8 June 1982

11262PteSMITHWilliam Franklin31 October 1992

11085PteSMITH-Kyle Alexander Jostyn19 June 1992


9164PteSMITH-TROTTDerek Jah-Samuel6 June 1982

11347PteSONNENFIELDBlake John29 April 1992

11261PteSPENSERJahki Dmitri1 December 1991

10206PteSPURLINGKenneth Grant15 April 1980

11229PteSTAFFORDJamel Graham8 August 1989

9983PteSTEVENSBlake Andrew Charles5 August 1985

10755PteSTOVELLLorenzo Sandray Norman11 December 1987

11092PteSUTERPatrick Daniel7 August 1986

10967PteSWAINSONMario Wayne Shaki26 January 1988

9920PteSWANAlec Ra-Mon15 January 1986

10756PteSWANGiorgio Armani23 April 1990

9286PteSWANJason Renelda20 February 1983

9372PteSWANKenton Rondell22 November 1981

11335PteSWANLuke Kyrow Antwon1 April 1993

11312PteSWANNathan Edward Batson28 September 1988

10827PteSWANRyan Charles Batson20 September 1985

10088PteSWANRyan Frederick3 November 1983

9583PteSWANNFrederick Anthony12 December 1982

10075PteSYMONDSKhalil Jahi Runako8 October 1986

9530PteSYMONDSLibre Dingel9 November 1981

10102PteTAVARESDavid18 September 1982

10418PteTAYLORAntonio Michael12 May 1985

11225PteTHOMPSONEdward Stuart Lanyon20 January 1987

10209PteTHOMPSONJames Earlston25 March 1983

9243PteTREWLeslie Tokya29 October 1981

9491PteTROAKEStephen Francis25 June 1980

9932PteTROTTAlton Omar7 August 1986

8843PteTROTTDevawn Oliver24 March 1980

11224PteTROTTMarvin Eugene Juan6 August 1985

10764PteTROTTReid Conway Mayor7 November 1989

11148PteTROTTSean Randolph5 February 1990

10765PteTUCKERDayvon Ricki8 August 1987

10766PteTUCKERJustin Kyle Eugene12 September 1988

11089PteTWEEDLawrence Haneef2 October 1991


11231PteUSHERTravis Renan8 August 1984

10585PteWADEKorey Ellsworth16 September 1988

10943PteWALKERGlenn3 July 1989

11230PteWALKER-Leroy Eugene8 December 1990


10845PteWEEKSMalik Omari5 September 1988

10425PteWHITEHURSTLorenzo Marcus4 July 1986

10396PteWHITTERJovan Tristan9 April 1985

11349PteWILLIAMSJevon Marid30 August 1982

9551PteWILLIAMSMark Anthony22 March 1983

10443PteWILLIAMSRyan Alexander21 March 1986

10154PteWILLIAMSSteve Allan Quinton20 November 1986

9436PteWILSONJerome O’Neil7 October 1981

11350PteWILSONSamuel Zachary21 July 1989

10480PteWOLFFEMartin Kenneth5 June 1989

10066PteWOODSpencer25 October 1985

9553PteWOODSCalshonti Caljuan16 April 1983

9163PteWOODSJohn Alvin3 August 1982

10973PteWOOLASTONKeamon Shane26 August 1988

NO. 722

Pursuant to the provisions of The Marriage Act 1944, the Minister of Government Estates and Information Services, on the 13th August, 2012 licensed Richard W. Shoup as a Marriage Officer, thereby enabling him to perform a marriage ceremony in Bermuda on September 15, 2012 only.

NO. 723

Notice is hereby given that application has been made to the Minister of National Security, by the following person for the grant of Bermudian status under the provisions of section 19 of the Bermuda Immigration and Protection Act, 1956, (viz: are at least eighteen years old; have been ordinarily resident in Bermuda for ten [10] continuous years immediately preceding application; have a qualifying Bermudian connection and is of good character and conduct.)

DE COSTA, Jessica Lynn, 31 Bostock Hill, Paget Parish PG02

N.B.  Any person who knows if any of the above provisions have not been fulfilled, or why Bermudian status should not be granted to the applicant, should send a written statement to the Chief Immigration Officer, P.O. Box 1364, Hamilton HMFX, no later than 7 September, 2012.

NO. 724

Notice is hereby given that application has been made to the Minister of National Security, by the following person for the grant of Bermudian status under the provisions of section 19A of the Bermuda Immigration and Protection Act, 1956, (viz: has been married to the same Bermudian for ten [10] continuous years, during that marriage has been ordinarily resident in Bermuda for seven [7] years, the last two [2] years of which must be continuous to the date of application; has been living together with his/her Bermudian spouse as husband and wife continuously for the two [2] years immediately preceding his/her application; and is of good character and conduct.)

DORAN, Jeffrey Andre, 4 Lang Lane, St. George’s Parish DD01
ELLIOTT, Sylvia Christine, 9 Masters Mews, Whale Watch Estate, Warwick Parish WK10
GLADWIN, Elizabeth Jane, 36 Point Finger Road, Paget Parish DV04
RIKER, Eliza Louise Barry, 2 Hamptons Lane, Southampton Parish SN02
SABO, Micah Joseph, 1 Colony Lane, Southampton Parish SN04
SWAIN, Cathryn Tara Balfour, 5 Burnt Hill Lane, Warwick Parish WK04

N.B. Any person, who knows if any of the above provisions have not been fulfilled, or why Bermudian status should not be granted to the applicants, should send a written statement to the Chief Immigration Officer, Department of Immigration, P.O. Box HM 1364, Hamilton HMFX no later than 7 September, 2012


In accordance with section 18 (2) of the Constitution, His Excellency The Governor, is pleased to appoint Mr. Michael A. DeSilva, CPM,  FCMI Commissioner of  Police, to act as Deputy Governor from Wednesday 29th August  to Tuesday 4th September 2012, inclusive or until the Deputy Governor’s return.

David B. Arkley
Deputy Governor
NO. 726

His Excellency the Governor has been pleased to appoint Mr. Carrington Mahoney, Deputy Director, Administration, to act as the Director of Public Prosecutions from the 17th August, 2012 – 4th September, 2012 or until his return.

Deputy Governor

NO. 727
From Date: 8/14/2012     To Date:  8/21/2012.
Summary of Application Details

•The applications shown below are available for review during normal working hours at the Department of Planning, 3rd Floor, Dame Lois Browne Evans Building, 58 Court Street, Hamilton HM12.

•Any person wishing to object must do so within 14 days of the date of this publication (September 7, 2012).

•Letters of objection should state any interest wxhich the objector(s) may have in property nearby, supply an address at which notice may be served on the objector(s) and provide a concise statement of the grounds of objection.

•For further information on the objection procedure see the Development and Planning (Applications Procedure) Rules 1997.

ApplicationApplication #

City of Hamilton
Continental House Ltd.P0285/12
35 Richmond Road, City of Hamilton
Proposed Sun Powered PV Solar Panels (76) Total.
DeCouto, Mr. JesseP0289/12
23 Harbour Road, Paget
Proposed Addition of New Jetty with Floating Dock, Access Ramp Way and Boat Lift.
Rance, Mr./Mrs. TerrenceP0288/12
1 St. John’s Road, Pembroke
Third Dwelling Unit, Addition of Bathroom and Porch. ( Listed Building )
Simmons, Mr. MichaelP0287/12
23 Knapton Hill, Smiths
Proposed 6 ft High Retaining Wall (BRBC Type 1).
Fairmont Hotels & ResortP0286/12
5 Rebecca Road, Southampton
Proposed New Retaining Wall to Replace Existing, New Hedge to Replace Existing, New 5’ High White PVC Fencing and Gates along Eastern Boundary.
Codan Trust Co. Ltd.S0027/12
75 Middle Road, Southampton
Boundary Adjustment Creating Right of Way / Verge. (Listed Building Site).
(Final Plan)
St. George’s
Schofield, Mr. KP0284/12
26 Shell Point Road, St. George’s
Proposed Floating Dock.
NO. 728

TAKE NOTICE of a Special Session of The Liquor Licensing Authority for the Eastern District on the 17th day of September 2012 at 9:15 a.m. at Hamilton Magistrates’ Court No. 1, to hear the application of The Passing Wind for the grant of a Members’ Club Licence in respect of The Passing Wind located at #17 Biological Lane, Ferry Reach, St. George’s GE 01 

The Manager of the Business is Alexander Hunter and Falk Niehoerster.

Any person ordinarily resident in the Parish or any owner or occupier of any property lying within three hundred yards of the premises in respect of which this application is made may object to the grant of the license provided written notice containing, in general terms, the grounds of the objection is served on The Chairman of The Liquor Licensing Authority, The Commissioner of Police and The Applicant not less than three days before the hearing.

Wor. Archibald Warner
Liquor Licensing Authority
NO. 729
The Residential Care Homes and Nursing Homes Act 1999
Notice to Register

Notice is hereby given that Sharon Elizabeth Curtis has made application to register

Dove Manor Rest Home, to be located at Zephr Hills, 5A Ord Road Warwick, WK09 as an assisted living facility to provide accommodation for 5 residents and day-care services 

Any person who wishes to object to the registration of the home may object in writing to the Chief Medical Officer within 7 days of the publication of this notice addressed to the Coordinator for Seniors, National Office for Seniors and Physically Challenged, 60 Victoria Street, Hamilton, HM 12

BR 66/ 2012

The Minister of Finance, in exercise of the power conferred by section 2 of the Customs Duty (Special Remission) Act 1951, makes the following Order:


1This Order may be cited as the Customs Duty (ElectroCore) Remission Order 2012.


2In this Order—

“exempted goods” means goods for the erection and operation of factories, laboratories, stores, workshops, warehouses and business places; goods for use directly and solely in the manufacture, assembly, warehousing, and exporting of medical devices; proprietary, biological, medicinal and other products and goods, wares and merchandise; general sundries, dealt with by manufacturers, for the purpose of packing, boxing or otherwise enclosing medical devices.

Exemption from import duty

3ElectroCore Bermuda Ltd. is granted complete exemption from the payment of import duty in respect of the importation into Bermuda of any exempted goods.

Commencement and expiration

4(1)This Order is deemed to have come into operation on 1 June 2012 and expires on 31 May 2017.

(2)At the expiration of this Order, exempted goods which have been imported free of import duty into Bermuda by virtue of paragraph 3, shall not be subject to import duty by reason only that this Order has ceased to have effect.

Made this 16th day of August 2012

Premier and Minister of Finance

TN 17/ 2012

This Ministry wishes to inform motorists there will be a new speed bump and cross walk created on St David’s Road at the St David’s Primary School.  The speed bump is being installed to encourage motorists to reduce speed when traveling passed the St David’s Primary School.

Motorists will be required to travel at 25 kilometer per hour across the speed bump location at all times and there will be advance warning signs in place to alert motorists of the speed change.

Motorists are required to follow the instruction signage along this section of roadway and avoid using excessive speed.

Additional to the speed bump there will be a cross walk installed at the same location on this roadway.

This installation of speed bumps and cross walk will commence on Tuesday 28th, August 2012, and is scheduled for completion on Wednesday 29th, August 2012. Upon completing the installation of the speed bump, the speed reduction will be effective on 28th, August 2012.

This Ministry wishes to encourage motorists to use the roadway safely, and request that any motorists traveling along Great Bay Road at St David’s Primary School will travel at the reduce speed.

Dated: 13th, August 2012

Minister of Public Works