NO. 711


ENLISTMENT NIGHTS – Tuesday, 04 October & Wednesday 05 October 2011

Notice is given, in this Official Gazette, that on 19th August 2011, the names of the persons listed below were drawn by ballot. All persons named below are liable to undergo military service with the Bermuda Regiment in accordance with the provisions of the Defence Act 1965.

Names of those persons drawn in this ballot are listed in alphabetical order and show dates of birth and last known addresses.


All persons listed, with surnames beginning with the letter ‘A’ through to surnames beginning with the letter ‘P’ are required to report to Warwick Camp at 1800 hrs (6:00pm) on Tuesday 4th October  2011. At that time, they will be medically examined and, if found fit for service, be attested as members of the Bermuda Regiment.

All persons listed, with surnames beginning with the letter ‘Q’ through to surnames beginning with the letter ‘Z’ are required to report to Warwick Camp at 1800 hrs (6:00pm) on Wednesday 5th October  2011. At that time, they will be medically examined and, if found fit for service, be attested as members of the Bermuda Regiment.


Any persons requesting exemption on the grounds of ill-health or a past medical condition will only be considered under this category by the Defence Medical Board if they produce comprehensive documentary evidence from their physician. Persons not in possession of written evidence will be examined but a decision as to their fitness may be deferred until such evidence is presented.


Persons requesting deferment of their military service will have the opportunity to make a request for such deferment at this time and will be given an appointment to appear before the Defence Exemption Tribunal.


for Commanding Officer


(MM/DD/YY) #

Adams Keven Adams 05/05/93 Poplar Cottage 47 Cut Road St. George’s GE04

Adderley Shayne Jason Larry Adderley 07/14/90 Apt East 11 A Wellington Street St. George’s GE02

Aggarwal Rishi Daniel Aggarwal 05/11/89 Seawatch 47 South Road Southampton SN01

Alban Montgomery Tucker Alban 07/20/93 25 York Street St. George’s GE05

Alick Donryco Lionel Alick 11/20/91 Apt South 19 Deepdale Road West Pembroke HM18

Astwood Keedai Jermieko Arnold Astwood 12/21/92 1 Morgans Bay Park Sandys SB02

Augustus Keishaun Augustus 08/13/93 2nd Floor Apt 4 Spring Hill Close Warwick WK09

Ball Eugene Sinclair Carlington Ball 01/08/93 2nd Fl Apt 10 Pendle Lane St. George’s GE01

Barnett Jason Miquel Barnett 01/27/93 2 Wellington Lane St. George’s GE02

Barretto Chyanne Richard Anthony David Barretto 03/03/93  

Basden Chaz Hamilton D’angelo Basden 05/01/91 Edge Vale 10 East Park Lane Pembroke HM07

Basden Trinity Jay Basden 01/31/91 7 Southbend Lane Sandy’s MA03

Bean Warren Bradley Bean 01/11/93 Upper Apt 8 Camp Hill Southampton SN04

Bell Tahj-Michael Keno Bell 04/22/91 2nd Floor Apt 5 Tribe Road No 2 South Warwick WK10

Bell-Santucci Kyle Michael David Bell-Santucci 12/20/91 Kohima Second 25 My Lord’s Bay Road Hamilton Parish CR02

Floor Apartment

Berkeley Jr. Edmund Howard Gladstone Berkeley Jr. 07/16/92 Main Unit 4 Sanz Lane Paget PG04

Bolden Cameron David Francis Bolden 11/21/92 Walsingham 64 Harrington Sound Road Hamilton Parish CR04


Boorman Joshua Timothy Boorman 08/30/90 2nd Fl Apt 180 Middle Road Southampton SN03


Boyles Ty-Rae Trevor Jerome Boyles 04/17/92 86 Cobb’s Hill Road Warwick WK10

Brangman Dwayne Curtis Brangman 03/07/92 Unit 84 4 Cedar Park Road Devonshire DV02

Brewer Nicholas Darrell Brewer 08/05/92 Cinera Ma 9 North Cote West Pembroke HM01

Brunson Khaleel Brunson 10/12/92 Kar-Gi-Mel 19 Burnt House Hill Warwick WK04

1st Fl Apt

Burchall Craig Frank Burchall 01/24/90 1st Floor Apt 5 Hedgerow Lane St. George’s GE04

Burgess Dishon Quinton Raymond Troy Burgess 04/14/92 2 Sea Express Lane Southampton SB02

Burgess Raheem Burgess 05/06/93 Apartment East 16 Rockywold Drive Sandys SB03

Burgess Triston Burgess 02/20/93 Swanston Apt 10 21 Berkeley Road Pembroke HM09

(Upper East)

Burke Harrison Dean Burke 12/30/91 Point Ord 26 Ord Road Warwick WK10


Burrows Prinston Elijah Shantoine Burrows 04/17/91 Apt#3 7 Middle Town Lane, Pembroke HM17

Butterfield Anthrell Butterfield 10/14/92 12 Greendale Lane Warwick WK03

Butterfield Keijon Butterfield 11/16/92 September 69 Cut Road St. George’s GE04

Spring (Upper)

Byron Michael Andell Byron 05/17/93 Upper East Apt 25 Lighthouse Road Southampton SN02

Cabral Andrew Ryan Babral 12/10/92 Apt West 2 Lismore Lane Pembroke HM09

Caldwell Michael Caldwell 01/07/93 Salt House 10 Salt House Lane Smith’s FL08

Caulfield Thomas James Caulfield 02/08/89 Sawnaway 13 Crystal Cave Road Hamilton Parish CR04

Caza Kevin Arthur Caza 07/25/91 34 Seabright Ave Paget DV04

Chapman Patrick Earlston Chapman 06/06/92 Kent Villa 4 Tranquillity Hill Sandys MA05

Codrington Shaquille Cadrington 10/30/92 Upper Apt 7 Khyber Pass Warwick WK07

Coles Michael Ian Coles 01/15/92 Inwood Unit #15 17 Inwood Drive Paget PG05

Cook Ii George Anthony Cook Ii 11/27/92 59 Texas Road St. George’s DD01

Cooper Philip Alexander Cooper 08/24/92 24 Tankfield Hill Paget PG06

Corday Christopher D Corday 09/01/91 Upper Apt South 14 Harrington Hundreds Smith’s FL0


Cox Deunde Cox 06/11/93 Basement 4 Border Dell Devonshire FL02

Apt West

Crockwell Dennzel Olajuwon Eddison Crockwell 03/02/92 Princess Louise 3 Cochrane Road Sandys MA01

Unit #8

Curtis Alexander Rulon Ingham Curtis 06/26/92 24 South Road Tuckers Town HS02

Daniels Tymon Freeman Daniels 08/30/92 Lower Apt East 2 Radnor Drive Hamilton Parish  CR01

Daniels Jr. Ronald Anthony Wayne Daniels Jr. 04/03/92 44 York Street St. George’s GE05

Davis Denzel Aneiko Davis 05/13/93 So-Che (Lower) 64 Tribe Road No 5 Paget PG04

Davis Stephen Davis 02/13/91 Main Unit 10 Hermitage Lane Smith’s FL01

Davis Troyunde Erick Goncalves Davis 03/23/93 Cornerbreeze 6 Border Lane North Pembroke HM16

Unit #1

De-Chabert Jr Christopher Michael De-Chabert Jr. 08/05/92 Main Unit 12 Cheriton Lane Pembroke HM01

De Los Rios Juan Roberto Sanchez De Los Rios 10/26/92 Keystone 1 Duerden Lane Sandys SB02

De Silva Edward Martin De Silva 07/07/93 Happy Heights 11 Tamerind Vale Warwick WK04

De Wijze Nicholas Edward Louis De Wijze 05/13/93 Le Castellet 3 Hilton Drive Paget PG04

Decker Andreas Nathaniel Decker 10/03/91 Belfairs 40 Mill Shares Road Pembroke HM05

Denbrook Kyle James Denbrook 04/04/89 2nd Floor Apt 17 Pain Lane West Town Of GE03

St George’s

Desouza Steven Gregory Harry Desouza 11/21/92 

Devent Robert Mcclaren Devent Jr. 03/07/92 Upper Apartment 10 Astwood Close Pembroke HM07

Dill Stefan Kelley Ted Dill 04/06/92 Basement Floor 56 Horseshoe Road Southampton SN03

Apt West

Dill Kim Abnon Trae Ingemann Dill 04/04/93 1st Floor Apt 5 Sunrise Drive Hamilton Parish CR04

Dublin Dameko J’hy L Dublin 03/27/93 Fuschia Delite 122 North Shore Road (Pem) Pembroke HM14

1st Floor Apt South

Dublin Elijah Keanu Ah-Dente Dublin 05/21/93 Fuschia Delite, 122 North Shore Road (Pem) Pembroke HM14

2nd Fl Apt

Durrant Koshun Durrant 07/04/93 Apt West 15 Cherry Hill Park Paget PG03

Dyer Christopher Warren Dyer 03/20/92 7 Cox’s Hill Road Pembroke HM04

Dyer Paul Dyer 12/19/92 1st Fl Apt East 8 Link Lane Hamilton Parish CR03

Earl Richard Edward Earl 02/08/89 Carmel 35 Pitts Bay Road Pembroke HM06

Ebbin Daniel Deanery Ebbin 11/04/92 Ridley Street 21 Charlestown 2290 N.S.W Australia  

Edwards Jaymi Obrian Edwards 10/20/91 Apt North 182 Middle Road (S’ton) Southampton SN03

Evans Rayshun Khyree Evans 12/29/91 Lower Fl Apt East 127 Mullet Bay Road St. George’s GE02

Eve Alexander Kiehner Eve 08/17/93 Glencoe Unit #12 11 Salt Kettle Road Paget PG01

Square Rigger

Eve Ryan Eve 10/12/92 1 Railway Trail Southampton SN03

Faries Kurt Anthony Faries 09/12/91 Rose Gardens 5 Ord Road Warwick WK08

Fishington Victor L Fishington 11/13/92 Aries 18 Tribe Lane Devonshire DV01

(Upper Apt No 2)

Forbes Robert James Richard Forbes 11/21/90 Bay Surf 16 Seabright Avenue Paget DV04

Fox Clark Fox 09/05/91    

Franklin Micah David Nathaniel Franklin 09/02/92 Four Gables t 4 North Cote Road West Pembroke HM01

Lower Ap

Fraser Kyle Fraser 08/04/92 Upper Apt 10 Woodlawn Road Sandys SB01

Fuhrtz Domincio Sri Fuhrtz 03/24/93 16 97 Street 24 East Elmhurst New York, Usa 11369

Furbert Anthony Furbert 05/10/92 18 Rockywold Drive Sandys SB03

George Nathan Earlington Laurence George 01/19/93 Twin Cedars - 5 Lorraine Drive Warwick WK05

Lower Apt

Gerardo Matthew Anthony Gerardo 11/08/90 Aqua Vista 17 Store Lane Sandys SB02

Gibson Jachael Jerome Derek Gibson 03/03/93 Bulkhead Apt 13 Bulkhead Drive Warwick WK07


Godfrey Kyle Eardley Godfrey 06/21/93 1st Fl Apt West 27 Harlem Heights Road Hamilton Parish CR04

Gomes Jamai Lorenzo Gomes 06/13/92 Hillvale Apt 17 Jones Lane Warwick PG01

1st Fl South

Govia Tre Linden Chester Govia 09/24/92 Harbour View Apt 27 Wellington Street Town Of GE02

St. George

Greaves Jallande Patrick Govia 06/21/93 1st Fl Apt West 2 Field View Lane (San) Sandys SB02

Green Jonathan Paul Eugene Green 12/30/91 East Winds 11 Emily’s Bay Lane St. George’s DD01

Greet-Hillier William Michael Greet-Hillier 06/13/91 1 Wilderness Lane Smith’s Parish FL06

Greig William Maxwell Geoffrey Greig 12/28/90 2 Paddock Lane Warwick WK04

Griffith Na’eem Omar Griffith 04/27/93 Lower Apt 8 Cross End Lane Warwick WK05

Gunn Ryan Denman Gunn 02/23/93 Main Unit 17 Beaming Hill Southampton SN02

Harvey Oliver Jalen Keron Harvey 08/28/93 1st Fl Apt 14 South Breakers Road Smith’s HS01

Hayling Alex’e Trevor Hayling 02/27/92 101 St. Johns Road Pembroke HM00

Hayward Jarel Anthony Hayward 02/22/93 Hose South 92 Sound View Road Sandys MA04

Hill Euan Christopher Thomas Hill 12/23/90 #3 11 East Shore Road Sandy’s MA05

Hollis Gary Rupert Foggo Hollis 11/17/92 Unit #8 2 Butterfield Lane Sandys SB03

Iris Jireh Kiwan Darius Iris 09/28/90 Condo # 37 2 Ducks Puddle Drive Hamilton Parish CR04

Jackson Jayson Ellsworth Bernard Jackson 07/22/92 1 Knapton Estate Road Smith’s HS01

James Shayne Angelo Khyale James 06/27/93 Apt #10 11 Fentons Drive Pembroke HM17

Joaquin Jai Ashlee Joaquin 04/20/92 75 South Road Southampton SN02

Jones Kashi Eugene Deshon Davis Jones 01/16/93 The Winds 10 Grotto View Hill Smith’s HS02

(1st Fl Apt)

Joseph Cameron Lawrence Joseph 05/02/92 59 Middle Road Southampton SB04

Kessaram Lucas Harley Kessaram 02/11/92 Grandview 20 Tee Street Devonshire DV03

Kessaram Samuel David Kessaram 04/18/90 Grandview 20 Tee Street Devonshire DV03

Lambert Keino Jamal Lambert 02/14/91 Davidson Heights 59 Middle Road (San) Sandys SB02

Lassalle Aarian Frederick Arthur Lassalle 11/09/92 2 Rockaway View 5 Rockaway Drive Southampton SB02

Lee Justin Charles Simon Lee 01/13/93 Serenity 1 Port Royal Gardens Southampton SN01

Leverock Dante Roger David Leverock 04/11/92 16 East Park Lane Pembroke West HM07

Lindsay-Bayley Charles Michael Byrne Lindsay-Bayley 09/24/91 Glendon 9 Harrington Sound Road Hamilton Parish HS02

Lowe Teiko Seph Karl Leon Palmer Lowe 05/31/90 4 Morgan’s Bay Park Sandys SB02

Lowe Terencio Addison George W.P. Lowe 11/01/91 Tribe Road #1 20 Happy Valley Road Pembroke HM19

Lowe Travis Malcolm Coleridge Lowe 12/08/92 Tribe Road #1 20 Happy Valley Road Pembroke HM19

Manalansan Oscar N Manalansan 03/17/89 First Floor Apt 3 Fort Lane St. George’s GE04

Manders Joseph J Manders 08/09/90 Pleasant View 1 Sentinel Hill Southampton SN02


March Tobias V March 04/11/92    

Martin Jared Adrian Martin 10/18/89 Windy Hill 8 First Avenue (Pem) Pembroke HM19

Masters Tyler D Masters 05/07/90 Bowsprit 5 Bluck Point Road Pembroke HM01

Mathias Justin David Edward Mathias 10/16/92 Main Unit 5 Stardust Drive Hamilton Parish CR01

Mclean Tyler Ryan Mclean 01/05/93    

Meireles Nelson Pavao Meireles 01/21/92 1st Fl Apt 2 9 Clarendon Road Hamilton Parish FL04

Moore Tucker B Moore 06/19/91 Hoadley House 38 Middle Road Devonshire DV03

Morrison Luke Oliver Morrison 05/28/93 Windcrest 3 Windcrest Drive Paget PG05

Muhammad Khalid Yahay Abdullah Muhammad 04/13/93 Victoria Row No 12 6 Cochrane Road Sandys MA01

Nelson Aaron Delisle Nelson 02/07/92 Apt 35 2 Ducks Puddle Drive Hamilton Parish CR04

Nepeir Jr. Devon Anthony Nepeir Jr. 09/14/92 15 Sunset Pass Pembroke HM03

Nixon Tucker Crawford Nixon 01/19/92 Hastings Mews 1 Hastings Road Pembroke HM05

Olson Jefrey Olson 02/19/92 Main Unit 13 Longford Hill Warwick WK06

Outerbridge Jean Omari Ellsworth Outerbridge 02/09/93 1st & 2nd Fl 65 Wellington Slip Road St. George’s GE02

Apt East

Outerbridge Zamari Tevon Kado Outerbridge 01/23/93 Sourwood Drive 10209 Forth Worth Texas Usa 76244

Pacheco Matthew M Pacheco 12/16/88 Stephanotis Unit #3 108 Cobs Hill Road Warwick WK10

Payne Cejae Kareem Payne 06/21/91 Boaz Island 36 Seawall Drive Sandys MA01


Pearman Reuben Pearman 10/21/92 Main Apt 5 Vaughan’s Bay Drive St. George’s DD02

(Upper & Lower)

Philip Carlsen Eugene Philip 06/18/91 21 Southampton Road Southampton SB04

Phipps Taj Alecandre Llewelyn Phipps 08/21/92 Unit 5 11 Fishermans Hill Hamilton Parish CR04

Pitt Quincy Raoul Headly S Pitt 12/14/90 39 Riviera Estate Southampton SN03

Place Andre Aaron Jah-Dre Place 12/20/90 East Apt 33 Cedar Hill Warwick WK05

Raynor Jonte Maurice Raynor 01/03/93 Upper Apt 7 Swansville Drive Warwick WK07

Richards Obrien Charles Richards 09/16/92 Upper Apt 16 Overview Hill Pembroke HM13

Richardson Dennis Denzel Richardson 09/11/91 Apt #11 11 Orange Hole Road St. George’s DD03

Richardson Devwon Jade Richardson 02/16/90 Virginia Cottage 7 Narrow Lane St. George’s GE04

Roberts Manai Iman Stiner Roberts 05/10/89 Lower Apt 31 St Monicas Road Pembroke HM14

Robinson-Woodley Nikko Larry Mansfield Robinson-Woodley 01/12/92 Lower Apt 34 Friswells Road (Pem) Pembroke HM15

Ross Justin Paul Ross 11/26/88 18 Scotts Hill Road Sandys MA02

Saints Jason Edward Saints 10/13/92 Santos 21 Tamarind Vale Warwick WK04

Sampson Kejon Prince Sampson 09/19/91 Apartment South 5 Cloverdale Close Devonshire FL01

Santucci Stedman Ellison Santucci 02/26/92 28 Scenic Heights Pass Southampton SN03

Scarcliffe Nicholas James Scarcliffe 05/23/90 Brookside, 0 Woodhall Spa Lincolnshire, UK LN10 6QD

Coronation Road

Scott Gregory Winston Christopher Scott 01/12/91 Apt North 1 Cameron Close Smith’s FL03

Seepersad Sanford Keeshun Seepersad 02/07/93 Two Flags 29 Clarendon Road Hamilton Parish FL04

Shrubb Jason Alexander Davis Shrubb 12/22/92 8 B Grosvenor Court Pembroke HM19

Siese Tyler James Siese 09/04/92 Granfell Heights 189 Grand-Falls-Windor Newfoundland A2A 2J2


Simmons Kevin William Perinchief Simmons 10/01/91 11 Pain Lane East St. George’s GE04

Simmons Macai Ross Melvin Simmons 08/19/92    

Sleeter Thomas Chase Sleeter 01/18/91 Point Of View 16 East Point Lane Hamilton Parish FL04

Smith Arrington Lionel Leroy Smith 08/14/92 Town House #37 2 Olivebank Drive Warwick WK07

Smith Smith Damani Keith 02/01/93 19 Spring Benny Road Sandys SB03

Smith Dominuque Maurice Smith 12/21/92 1st Fl Apt East 37 Wellington Slip Road St. George’s GE02

Smith Donald Stanley Smith 09/09/91 10 Kitty’s Drive Hamilton Parish CR04

Smith Jonathan A Smith 01/18/90 Basement Apt 3 Spanish Heights Road Smith’s FL06

Smith Lyndon Smith 01/31/93 25 Water Street Town Of GE05

St. George

Smith Rhys Timothy Kirby Smith 12/12/91 Out Of The Blue 8 Mid Ocean Drive St. George’s HS02

Smith Shannon David Smith 04/19/92 4 Banana Lane Warwick Parish WK10

Smith William Franklyn Smith 10/31/92 4 Alexander Road 0 33 Apt Devonshire DV02

Smith-Wilkinson Jahsyi Jerome Smith-Wilkinson 08/17/92 5 Moores Lane Pembroke HM05

Sousa Ryan James Sousa 05/03/93 Gods Gift - 4 Knapton Lane Smith’s FL06

Lower West Apt

Spence Najhay Spence 12/09/92 Ar-Lu 32 Roberts Avenue Devonshire HM16

(1st Fl Apt West)

Spenser Jahki Dmitri Spenser 12/01/91 10 Roberts Avenue Devonshire HM16

Stevens-Carty Henry Alexander Stevens-Carty 10/30/92 3 Border Lane East Devonshire DV07

Stoneham Westmore Marshall Stoneham 07/12/93 Rockaway Cove 6 Rockaway Road Southampton SB02

Stowe Jahquille James Omari Stowe 01/20/92 Lower Apt 1 Loyal Hill Road Devonshire FL03

Swan Luke Kyrow Antwon Swan 04/01/93 45 Devon Springs Road Devonshire DV08

Symonds Jer-Quan M. Symonds 01/27/93 Mandalay 5 Sommersall Lane Smith’s HS01

(Upper Apt)

Symons Jean Dionea Symons 10/26/91 Bmt Fl Apt 1 Spice Hill Road (S’ton) Southampton WK03

Tannock Nathaneal Terry Mark -Davison Tannock 10/14/90 4 Farm Lane Warwick WK05

Thomas Hjahvon Tannock 10/13/92 1st Fl Apt East 13 Warwickshire Drive Warwick WK02

Thomson Kenneth Stephen Thomson 06/18/93 Main Unit 2 Dunscombe Road Warwick WK08

Trott Noel Gabriel Javonne Trott 03/20/93 Lower Apt South 11 Twin Lanes South Hamilton Parish CR02

Tucker Ajai Arthur Randolph Tucker 07/08/93 Boaz Island 36 Bowes Lane Sandys MA01


Tucker Ian Connery Tucker 04/05/93 Eagle Rocks 3 Boundary Crescent Devonshire FL02

Apt North

Tucker Jason Edward Tucker 08/12/93 Second Floor 12 Lookout Lane Devonshire DV05


Tucker Troy Damien Tucker 03/03/92 4 Hermitage Lane Smith’s FL01

Vanderpool Alex Vanderpool 08/14/91 Apt No 7 11 Fentons Drive Pembroke HM17

Vickers Denzell Erick O’brien Vickers 07/21/92 Unit 4 - Apt 7 7 Douglas Close Devonshire FL01

Voaden Richard J Voaden 06/26/92 Hollywit 11 Knapton Hill Smith’s FL08

Wade Kyle Allen Wade 01/09/90 1st Floor Apt 12 East Park Lane Pembroke HM07

Walker Troishun Eugene Walker 01/01/92 2nd Fl Apt 18 Rocky Lane Hamilton Parish CR02

Warner Shomari Simon Warner 07/16/93 Lower Apt 26 Radnor Road Hamilton Parish CR01

Watson Charles Paul Watson 10/12/90 22 Hampton Lane Southampton SN02

Watson Jr. Michael Domico Watson Jr. 10/26/92 Tamboura - 6 Bell Lane Devonshire DV06

North  Apt

Williams Lavonte Shakyle Williams 03/21/93    

Williams Tyler Robert Gideon Williams 09/28/88 Ocean View 17 North Shore Road (Pem) Devonshire DV01

South Apt

Wilson Keishon Earmal Wilson 04/01/93 Unit 8 19 Southside Road St. George’s DD03

Wilson Lukeno Wilson 05/29/90 Carisbrook Lower 6 Bluff Lane Pembroke HM09

Apt West

Wolffe Akeem Kenneth Wolffe 05/14/92 18 Summit View Drive Hamilton Parish CR03

Wolffe Jerrico Latray Nesbitt Wolffe 08/25/92 2nd Floor Apt Cove Valley Road St. George’s DD02

NO 761




This Notice is a list of persons previously selected for military service, who have been deferred and have not submitted written documentary evidence to support further deferment.  

All persons listed are required to report to Warwick Camp at 1800 hrs (6:00pm) on Tuesday 05th October 2011. At that time, they will be Medically Examined and, if found fit for service, be Attested as members of the Bermuda Regiment.  


Persons requesting further deferment of their military service will have the opportunity to make a request for such deferment at this time and will be given an appointment to appear before the Defence Exemption Tribunal.


for Commanding Officer


Abbott Alexander Constantine Bean 27/5/1989 40 Spice Hill Road Warwick Wk 02

Abbott Tyler Preston Coleman 8/12/87 Del Court - Unit 4 3 Church Dale Smiths Hs 01

Abdul-Malik Siraj 16/8/1989 15A Friswell Lane Pembroke Hm 16

Abdur-Rashid Siraj 28/10/1989 Cottage West 7A Malva Lane Sandys Ma 02

Abraham Christopher Stephen 29/3/1990 13 Tatem Lane Pembroke Hm 03

Adams William James 3/1/86 31Orange Valley Road Devonshire Dv 02

Adcock III John Newton 7/1/91 Hearts Content 21 Tanglewood Road Paget Pg 03

Adderley Gethin Charles 25/11/1988 Stone Haven 3 Shelly Bay Hamilton Parish Fl04

Adderley Steffan John 18/6/1991 Stone Haven 3 Stonehaven Road Hamilton Parish Fl04

Akinyosoye Oluwaseun 5/3/83 4401 Park Avenue Union City New Jersey 07087  USA

Alarcon Richard 30/12/1986 7 Valley Road Paget Pg 02

Albouy Michael Allan Akeem 13/3/1989 South Apt 11 Fork Lane Southampton Sn 04

Alexander Thomas James 11/2/89 Fern Knoll 8 Wreck Road Sandys Sb 01

Alfano Patrick V. 28/11/1989 17 Kirby Court Staten Island New York 10301 USA

Alfano Paul Lawrence 18/5/1983 17Kirby Court Staten Island New York 10301 USA

Alfano Phillip 30/4/1987 17 Kirby Court Staten Island New York 10301 USA

Alick, Jr. Derrick Davoe 15/3/1987 Apt South 19 Deepdale Road West Pembroke Hm 18

Amaral Coleman Frederick 15/9/1990 Langkasuka 78 Harrington Sound Road Smiths Fl 08

Amaral Jordan Mathew 22/6/1990 Saylemont 15 Sayle Road Smiths Fl 05

Ambrosio Richard George Da Silva 27/7/1984 Lammermuir 119 South Road Paget Pg 05

Andrew Justin Daniel 5/5/86 Bowmore 33 Pitts Bay Road Pembroke Hm 06

Andrew Michael 14/11/1982

Armstrong Dorian Terrance Uel 28/7/1991 Shlom Ii - Lower Apt South 2 Broken Hill Road Smiths Hs 02

Armstrong Kory Mical Duante 20/1/1988 Lower Apt 2 133 North Shore Road Pembroke Hm 14    (File?)

Arorash Kevun Megal 7/7/85 Apt #4 7 North Shore Road Devonshire Dv 01

Arruda Dijon Jacob Manual 9/11/88 Lower Apt 1 45 Happy Valley Road Pembroke Hm 18

Astwood Makao Jelani 17/10/1984 10 Arlington Avenue Pembroke Hm 02

Astwood Mark Keith Ty-Rex 26/2/1990 Fort Lane 3 Cut Road St. George’s Ge 04

Atcheron Nathan David 31/12/1982 Upper Apt 26 Queen Street St. George’s Ge 05

Augustus Derriko Sinclair Leroy 5/11/91 Upper Apt 8 Crown Hill Lane Devonshire Dv 01

Augustus, Jr. Calvin Llewellyn 13/2/1984 1St Fl Apt 13 Edgeway Lane Pembroke Hm 15

Azhar Naim Freeman 19/7/1989 12 Field View Lane Pembroke Hm 18

Baker Blayne S’daow 11/5/89 2Nd Fl Apt 13 Bridle Hill, Middle Road Smiths Fl 03

Baker Reginald Eugene 24/2/1987 House # 69 8 Cedar Park Road Devonshire Dv 02

Ball Kyle Edward 26/8/1983 Sunrise - Unit 12 12 Barrack Close St. George’s Ge 03

Barker Daniel Peter Davidge 22/10/1981 9 Daven Point Lane Devonshire Fl 05

Barker Tyler Cannonier 16/1/1984 Cedars 9 Ravello Garden Lane Warwick Wk 06

Barton Baron Dane 17/9/1989 11 Happy Talk Paget Dv 04

Bascome Shay-Juan Edmund Lindon William 13/3/1990

Basden Richard Stephen Blane 20/7/1987 Red Coat - Unit #1 3 Redcoat Lane St. George’s Ge 03

Bateman Jonathan Robert Garnet 26/10/1982

Bath Jonathan Deane 7/6/88 Port Watch 51 South Road Southampton Sn 01

Battersbee Gerald Owen 8/11/90 7 Channel View Lane Hamilton Parish Cr 01

Bean Akale Haran 10/7/91 At Last - Lower Apt 28 Riviera Crescent Southampton Sn 03

Bean Johnai Ashton Dwayne 29/7/1986 North Apt 3 Harlem Heights Road Hamilton Parish Cr 04

Bean Lorenze V. 8/6/87 Bali Hai 4 Crews Nest Hill Hamilton Parish Cr 04

Bean Mackenzie Re 18/12/1987 Windsong 2 Tribe Road #1 Devonshire Dv 06

Bean Van Dyke Maurice 24/12/1983 Astwood View - Unit #3 4 Scott’s Lane South Warwick Wk 07

Bean Wayne Keishen Leshon 17/3/1987 Berlil - Lower Apt 34 Roberts Avenue Devonshire Hm 16

Bean-Walls Blair 1/6/89 20 Bourne Drive St. George’s Ge 03

Beach Roger John Batten 24/2/1987 Inwood - Inwood Cottage 1 Inwood Mews Paget Pg 05

Belboda Keanu Jordan 21/9/1991 North Apt 1 Dudley Lane Paget Pg 02

Benjamin Dane Quintin 15/3/1990 Bsmt Apt South 24 Beacon Hill Road Sandys Ma 03

Bennett II Anthony Wayne 8/9/90 Our Blessing 1 Cherry Hill Park Paget Pg 03

Bergl James William 23/2/1985 P. O. Box Hs 98 Harrington Sound Hs Bx

Bergl Simon Graham 24/4/1988 P. O. Box Hs 98 Harrington Sound Hs Bx

Binns Adrian Michael 30/9/1990 Bethme 12 Kilderry Drive Smiths Fl 03

Binns Denzel Michael 23/7/1991 Colony Ridge 17 Colony Valley Southampton Sn 01

Binns Dominic Edward 23/7/1991 Colony Ridge 17 Colony Valley Southampton Sn 01

Blackwell Gary Junior 16/8/1988 Unit #9 3 Trelawney Lane Pembroke Hm 06

Blanchette Vashun Oneil 26/8/1985 Bsmt Workshop 3 Peacock Crescent Sandys Sb 03

Bluefort III Leroy 15/12/1985 P.O. Box Hm 1138 Hamilton Hm Ex

Boden Joshua James 27/6/1988 P. O. Box Dv 476 Devonshire Dv Bx

Bonne-Smith Remy Orlando 21/1/1989 Villabonne 23 Pitts Bay Road Pembroke Hm 06

Booth Scott Alexander 14/9/1985 Windhoek - South Unit 19 Knapton Est. Road Smiths Hs 01

Bottomley Dustin Victor St. Clair 10/3/90 P. O. Box Hm1201 70 St.Anne’s Road Southampton Sn 03

Hamilton Hm Fx

Boyce Andrew Michael  4/2/86 P. O. Box Hm 1614 Hamilton Hm Gx

Brangman Alexander Troy N’numde 23/3/1988 P. O. Box Hm 2644 Hamilton Hm Kx

Brangman Christopher Laurence 22/3/1985 P. O. Box Ge 10 St. George’s Ge Bx

Brangman Daniel Eugene 15/1/1990 Per-Liz - Upper Apt 16 Upland Street Devonshire Dv 06

Brangman Deon Sherwayne 18/8/1986 House - South 4 Sunnyside Park Drive Southampton Sn 03

Brangman Joseph William 9/19/86 30 Joggins Drive Simpson Ville South Carolina 29681 USA

Brangman Mickai Patrae 21/6/1988 13 Footpath Lane Pembroke Hm 14

Brangman Wendyll James 8/7/89 Apt 2- 1St Fl South 3 Malva Lane Sandys Ma 02

Bremar Mychal Ivan 20/6/1989 7 Weathervane Lane Sandys Ma 04

Bridges Jack Edward 28/6/1989 Windward 48 North Shore Road Hamilton Parish Fl 04

Brimmer-Landy Jacari Anthony 26/8/1992 32 Southcourt Avenue Paget Pg 06

Brookes   James Anthony Flemming 5/7/84 2057 Dorion Montreal Quebec Canada H2k 4B3

Brooks Alexander Richard 8/4/84 Softwinds 4 Shaw Wood Crescent Pembroke Hm 01

Brown Alexander Cody 12/12/86 Namaste - Main Unit 62 Town Hill Road Smiths Fl 07

Brown Colin John 3/9/82 Verdah 10 Rosemont Avenue Pembroke Hm 06

Brown Donovan L. 24/11/1989 Gombey House 29 A P Owen Road Smiths Fl 05

Brown Ewart Frederick 3/6/88 Gombey House 29 A P Owen Road Smiths Fl 05

Brown Jamel Oliver 12/12/89 Edina 26 Cavendish Road Pembroke Hm 19

Brown-Darrell Steveland Conroy 14/3/1990 100 South Road Smiths Hs 01

Burch Mcquinn Eldon Allan 7/6/87 Cobb’s Hill 4 Marl Lane Warwick Wk 09

Burch Raishun Masia 5/8/89 Merwick - Apt 6 14 Keith Hill Road Warwick Wk 06

Burgess Nijae Dean 15/8/1989 Upper Apt 24 Whale Bay Road Southampton Sb 04

Burgess Tyrell Allan Russell Norris P. 5/3/86 Apt 5 4 Sommersall Road Smiths Hs 01

Burnett-Herkes Andrew William 24/2/1990 Melvill Cottage 69 Mangrove Bay Road Sandys Ma 02

Burnett-Herkes Graham Landis 19/9/1991 69 Mangrove Bay Road Sandys Ma 02

Burrows Kyle Ryan 2/3/90 3 Factory Lane Pembroke Hm 14

Burrows Shantoine Prinston Elijah 17/4/1991 Apt North 7 Middle Town Lane Pembroke Hm 17

Burrows Edgar James 12/12/88 Unit 36 Shelly Hall Est. Hamilton Parish Cr O1

Burrows Jr. Eldridge Matteo D. 8/10/82 House North 6 Orchard Lane Pembroke Hm 16

Burrows-Tucker Keron W. 6/8/91 1202 Hailey St. West Melbourne Fl 32904  USA

Burton Trenton J. 29/4/1989 Al Ar Max 13 Pearmans Hill Warwick Wk 03

Bush Jay Lovering 29/6/1989 Pattons Point 47 Harrington Sound Road Smiths Hs 01

Butler Jay Alexander Hilton 1/6/83 23 Southcote Road Paget Pg 03

Butler Russell Ellington Langston 31/3/1986 23 Southcote Road Paget Pg 03

Butterfield Anthony Dean Junior 12/1/88 South Apt 23 Mount Hill Pembroke Hm 13

Butterfield Charles Philip Ramon 17/11/1989 10 Keith Hall Road Warwick Wk 09

Butterfield D’mitri 12/4/85 50 The Glebe Road Pembroke Hm 16

Butterfield Kyle Melvin 16/11/1988 1St Fl Apt East 36 White Hill Lane Sandys Sb 01

Butterfield Taariq Nazar 25/7/1991 Upper Apt 47 Friswells Hill Road Devonshire Hm 15

Cabral Daniel-James Couto 9/4/89 Endurance 12 My Lord’s Bay Road Hamilton Parish Cr 02

Cabral Ryan 7/12/89 Main House 65 South Road Smiths Fl 06   

Caines Che Rickai 13/11/1990 Upper Apt 15 South Road Warwick Wk 02

Caines-Dill Torico Troy Jade 3/6/91 Lower Apt West 60 Friswells Road Devonshire Hm 15

Caisey Sijan Ali 15/3/1987 1St Fl Apt 14 Random Lane Warwick Wk 03

Caisey, II Steven Andre 4/8/87 1St Fl Apt 1 Henry’s Hill Road Hamilton Parish Cr 04

Calderon Aaron  17/5/1990 Upper Apt 4 Mission Lane Pembroke Hm 14

Campbell Michael James 23/7/1984 13 Crada Glen Paget Pg 03

Campbell Steven Gregory 24/7/1986 Cromarth 5 Crada Glen Paget Pg 03

Cann Justin David 13/3/1987 1697-A Vernon St. Halifax Nova Scotia B3h 3Mp Canada

Cann Ronue Albert Sinclair 20/2/1990 Palm Valley 11 Horseshoe Road Southampton Sn04

Carmichael Nathaniel Daniel Edward 5/10/90 Buzon 635, Zona Bascula 46146 Pedralba Valencia Spain

Carr Brian William 14/3/1986 Windor Street, Apt 414 Fredericton, NB E3b 4G3 Canada

Cart Andrew Paul 3/3/86 36 Frist Avenue Devonshire Hm 20

Carvalho Jason De Costa 4/12/82 Lower Apt 1 Abbot’s Cliff Close Hamilton Parish Cr 03

Casling Harrison Grant 13/3/1987 Smithfield - Unit #16 9 Riddell’s Bay Road Warwick Wk 04

Castle  Casey Drew 22/8/1991 2Nd Fl Apt 11 Leacraft Hill Road Southampton Sb 03

Cattanach Scott Edward 26/11/1983

Chadwick Steven Philip 30/10/1986 South Unit 5 Fruitland Lane Pembroke Hm 13

Charles Machel Peniston 27/9/1984 Longmead - Lower Apt 2 Rosemont Avenue Pembroke Hm 06

Charles Nathan Ryan Curtis 30/11/1990 1040 W Magee Road Tucson Az 85704-3418  USA