Take the offer? Cruise lines often offer scaled down versions of big TV game shows on their ships. *Photo supplied
Take the offer? Cruise lines often offer scaled down versions of big TV game shows on their ships. *Photo supplied

FRIDAY, MARCH 2: If you are a member of Continental’s OnePass or United’s MileagePlus frequent flyer programmes, you should have received an e-mail notifying you about your new account number.

Your old United and Continental numbers will remain valid for a short while after March 3. The programme will take on United’s MileagePlus name and will become the single loyalty programme for both entities.

Any reservations that already include your current 11-digit number will be updated with your new number.

You will still be able to use your current PIN, but beginning March 3 it will become case sensitive.

The change over will be happening over the March 3 weekend but it shouldn’t affect your flights. United says the only hiccup will be the crediting of miles may be delayed a few extra days.

If you are currently using Continental’s website (www.continental.com) is supposed to start redirecting to www.united.com sometime this month. However, the United address will take on Continental’s look with the United logo. 

This shouldn’t be a big deal for Bermuda residents as we are used to using Continental for the Newark flights.

If you need more details on the coming changes as the Continental-United merger works its ways to completion, go to http://hub.united.com

Deal or no deal?

Several cruise lines offer smaller version of big TV game shows on their ships. Last year, I very lamely won a Jeopardy version on the Celebrity Eclipse.

Norwegian is getting into the game with Deal or No Deal.

The popular show challenges contestants to play and deal for prizes in a high-energy contest of nerves, instincts and raw intuition.

Deal or No Deal is currently offered twice per cruise on all Norwegian ships except for Pride of America.

I’m not sure to view this as paying for entertainment or more along a bingo model.  For a chance to beat the banker and win prizes, guests participate as a randomly selected contestant or play along as an audience member for $19.95 per person.

Based on the TV format, the on-board rendition uses content from the show and allows everyone in the audience to participate in real time to win prizes, playing along with the randomly selected contestant who has the chance to win cash.

True to the television series, players will be confronted with sealed briefcases full of varying prize values.

Without knowing the prize value inside, the contestant has to decide whether to keep the case until it’s unsealed at the end of the game.

The pressure mounts in each round and after a pre-determined number of cases are opened, the participant is tempted by the mysterious Banker to accept an offer in exchange for what might be contained in the contestant’s chosen briefcase in which they will have to decide whether to make a deal or exclaim, “No deal!”

Audience prizes range from a seven-day cruise to cash and onboard prizes. Guests should consult the ship’s Freestyle Daily once onboard for exact times and locations.

Delta SkyMiles

Delta is running a promotion where you can get 75 per cent more SkyMiles than normal when buying them.

As an example, if you need 3,500 miles to reach a free ticket, you can pay for 2,000 miles and get 1,500 free.

It costs .035 cents a mile so in effect, you could pay $700 for 20,000 miles and get 35,5000, which would be enough for a free round trip ticket from Bermuda. 

That’s probably not a deal if you’re just going to use it for Atlanta, but if you’re flying out to the west coast it might be worth it for you.

To review award travel rules go to www.delta.com/memberguide

The promo code for this is 97061436.