High energy: Uzimon played a set with his full NYC band on Saturday night. *Photo by Chris Burville
High energy: Uzimon played a set with his full NYC band on Saturday night. *Photo by Chris Burville

WEDNESDAY, NOV. 28: Uzimon “papa ping ping ping pinged” his way onto the stage with panache on Saturday night at the release party for his new album Showdown.

The reggaelutionary sounded better than ever with his full NYC reggae band in a tight and polished performance. He certainly appeared to have a renewed sense of energy alongside them, much to the glee of his growing band of local fans.

Most of the set featured songs from the new album including the title track which went down a storm. It’s got a great melody with lyrics about his superiority in the shantytown thanks to his ability to perform “lyrical homicide”.

One of the more entertaining of the new songs was Zoo Inna Brooklyn which featured his sister Jessica up on stage dressed as a tiger. The wacky siblings imitated various animals you might encounter in the concrete jungle and Uzi finished the song with demonstrations of an orgasm spoken in the various animal languages.

Columbian Daughta was dedicated to every man who has ever fallen in love with a prostitute. In it he offers to risk everything for his lady of the night. “Carinne, Carinne, Carinne, let me save you from the King pin,” went the lyrics.

Uzi rolled out some of the old faithfuls too including the epic Steven Segal. “If you’ve not heard this yet you are retarded”, he told the audience.

He also played an excellent rendition of New York which he wrote for the John Lennon tribute concert in September.

There was plenty of audience interaction as he filled the gaps between songs with banter, launched himself into the crowd and got members of the crowd up on stage. At one point he told us in, a sincere voice, about a worthy cause he was supporting — Breast Awareness — though it was nothing to do with cancer. On a more serious note he added that the concert was supporting the Blue Halo Project to protect Bermuda’s waters from illegal fishing. The only criticism of the set was that the encores went on too long and seemed to drag out some of the lesser songs in his repetoire.

The support band for the night was Bermuda’s newest rock band On Another Plane Crash with Cullen O’Hara on lead guitar and vocals.

One of the opening songs was The Way It Used To Be about surfing in its hey day — it had a simple yet memorable guitar riff as did so many of these original tracks.

On Another Plane Crash brings together an eclectic mix of genres from British punk rock to ska but the overall sound is unique.

They were tight and pulled off some pretty complex runs with quick and numerous chord changes. One of the songs played about half way through the set featured a riff that was reminiscent of The Clash’s London Calling with strong, repetitive guitar down strokes. 

The mics were packed with distortion which gave the band a raw, dirty sound but took away clarity from the vocals — it was near impossible to hear any of the lyrics. The song The Air In We was certainly one of the highlights of the show. 

This band had an amazing energy and an original style — if you missed them this time they are due to play a gig at Chewstick on December 21.