SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 4: A special party for gay and lesbian cruise ship passengers will be held tonight at the new Cosmopolitan Night Club.

Mark Anderson, also known as Sybil Barrington will host the event for some 100 passengers on the Norwegian Gem.  

The ship was due to travel elsewhere but came to Bermuda due to Hurricane Sandy.

Mr Anderson said he had received a phone call that a large number of people in the gay and lesbian community would be on the ship and wanted to host an event for them to showcase what Bermuda has to offer.

He organised a five-hour tour for them during the day and the party at Cosmopolitan for tonight starting at 10pm.

Mr Anderson also arranged buses to pick up the visitors in Dockyard and take them back when it is done.

He said he feels it is important to get coverage of the event in light of Government's promise to make changes to the Human Rights Act as part of their recent Throne Speech and how such a change could enhance our tourism product.

The ship came in this morning and will leave tomorrow at 4pm.