TUESDAY, FEB. 28: A new television experience is now available in Bermuda featuring a mix of sports, entertainment, culture and more.

Bermuda Sports Network (BSN) has teamed up with CKC Corporation to form BSN/ESCAPE TV, airing on channel 82.

Cha’Von Clarke of CKC said: “ESCAPE is an acronym for entertainment, sports, community/culture, arts, people and education.

“The channel will provide a variety of television programming to reach numerous sectors of the community. 

“The network plans to offer local game shows, sitcoms, community events, features and more.”

New show ‘On the Couch’ will launch on Thursday at 8pm and a new episode will air each week.

“The purpose of the program is to connect viewers with people who are active in the community, allowing audiences to gain a holistic view of individuals who are in the limelight.

“The four main sections of the show include health and fitness, entertainment, with live performance by guest, leadership and a wild card.”

In addition, a live house band, Bad Current Band, and the classy venue at the Deep Nightclub located in the Lido Complex at Elbow Beach, add to the ambiance and experience.

Ms Clarke added: “It is our hope that the "On the Couch" show will attract tourists to the island and give locals and visitors a reason to celebrate local talent and individuals making positive contributions to the island.

“Couples, friends and families can come together as a part of our studio audience so the show is a great experience from the recording phase to the episode airs on channel 82.

“Plus, it is available online so people from all over the world can have a peek at what Bermuda is doing.”

She continued: “I'm excited for what this will do for our entire community.

“People are talking about it on the plane and at the airport, including visitors leaving the island.

“The community is excited about something positive again.”

New shows on BSN/ESCAPE planned for the future include a sitcom entitled “Bermuda Heat”, a teen variety show, an educational game show and an art-based program, all hosted by familiar faces of Bermuda’s community.