National pride: A still image from the music video Proud to be Bermudian. *Image supplied
National pride: A still image from the music video Proud to be Bermudian. *Image supplied
It is a video designed to revive and instil a sense of pride in being Bermudian.

Proud to be Bermudian is a song and accompanying music video written and directed by John Woolridge. It highlights local talent set against the backdrop of Bermuda’s incredible scenery.

Artists, musicians and dancers include Gene Steede, Shine Hayward, Taylor Rankin, Eric Bean, Ronald Lightbourne, Nadanja Bailey, Mia Chambray and Ronnie Lopes.

While there are many well-known Bermudians featured, there is a distinct emphasis on just being Bermudian and proud of it.

Members of the public mix with the island’s famous faces to describe what it is that makes them proud.

The video was produced over the last 18 months by protest group The Bermudians in association with Just Platinum Recording Studios.

Janice Battersbee and Erica Rance-Cariah, leaders of The Bermudians, said jointly: “Our goal with the music video project was to reach Bermudians of all ages and all walks of life with a powerful message of unity and respect for one another. To be able to say, ‘I’m proud to be a Bermudian’.”

The music video will be unveiled at an invitation-only gala screening at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess this evening.

A DVD/CD package will be available for general sale later this month for $10, with proceeds being used to benefit Bermuda’s public schools. According to Ms Rance-Cariah, those chosen to attend the gala are those who are “close to the ground and who can help to get the message across to our young people”.

Principals from the schools were invited as well as representatives from The Sunshine League, the Family Centre and Big Brothers, Big Sisters, among others.

The event is under the patronage of Minister of Education, Dame Jennifer Smith.

Lyrics from the song aim to demonstrate the island’s friendliness, courage and will to rise above adversity.

“At the core of us is a kindness that still shines through the tough times. Together we can overcome and find a way to rise above everything,” is one such lyric.

“Bermudians have always been known as friendly and courteous to all, which has always been our hallmark,” said The Bermudians spokeswoman. “Now is the time for the people of Bermuda to re-evaluate and comprehend a new level of unity and respect that we should enjoy within our community.

“Now is the time to unite — to move forward together as one.  We must focus on our commonalities rather than our differences. We must focus on climbing the ladder of success together. We must build a solid relationship of trust as brothers and sisters, connected by a common goal for our and our children’s future in our small and beautiful island home.”