<strong>Live album</strong>: Joy T. Barnum&rsquo;s new album includes songs recorded during her tour with Heather Nova in October last year. The album will be on sale from December 10 at Rock Island Caf&eacute; and Music Box on Reid Street, Hamilton. <em>*Photo by Sarah Lagan</em>
Live album: Joy T. Barnum’s new album includes songs recorded during her tour with Heather Nova in October last year. The album will be on sale from December 10 at Rock Island Café and Music Box on Reid Street, Hamilton. *Photo by Sarah Lagan

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 23: Singer Joy T Barnum is to release an album of live recordings from her European tour with Heather Nova last October.

The majority of the songs, which she performed with guitarist Michael McPhee, were recorded by Nova’s husband Felix Todd on the last gig of the tour in Paris.

There are seven songs on the album including four bonus tracks, two of which were recorded separately from the tour. Songs on the album include her well-loved classics You Can’t See Me, Ask Someone Else and Voodoo.

Shane Woodley of Near Future Records engineered the album titled Joy T. Barnum Live at the Café De La Danse which will be released next month.

Barnum told the Bermuda Sun: “In March I felt was ready to sit down and put the album together. Me and my friend who is a music writer in Nashville, sat down and listened to the recordings from every single show, we listened to each song 13 times to decide which we liked best and I thought the Paris show — the very last show — was the best on every song. The album has kept the live raw sound of the tour.”

Internationally established singer/songwriter Heather Nova invited Barnum and McPhee to go on tour with her after hearing them perform, along with a third member keyboardist Milton Raposo, at the Bermuda School of Music’s Enchanted Evening last year.

According to Barnum, the songs in this, her fourth album release, are very personal in their subject matter and have helped her through problems that have arisen in her life.

She explains: “Ask Someone Else was about my ex-boyfriend going away and getting married while we were still dating. It makes me laugh now because I don’t have to cry about it anymore. My music is empowerment for me.

You Can’t See me is just an amalgamation of every relationship — every familiar relationship that needs a mark in my life.

“I wrote the second to last song — Adam’s Rib is about being on tour.”

Bermuda Commercial Bank has helped Barnum to fund the CD which is currently being pressed in New Jersey. Her previous albums include And Other Places which featured early songs she wrote with radio talk show host Thaao Dill and her latest album, Negro Spiritual made up of gospel songs she sang as part of her strict Christian upbringing.

Barnum described Bermuda as her “love” and that while she longs to succeed as a musician, she hopes to always keep the island as her long-term base.

“I want to make this my hub and pop off and go to different places. I never want to forget what it took to get here or where I came from. My mom said I have an undue allegiance to the island because if I lived anywhere else I would be further than I am but I also believe that I wouldn’t have the experiences I have.

“We don’t have a music business here but there are plenty of talented musicians — there is a need for some sort of artist management who are legitimate and have the connections.

“If it wasn’t for Heather Nova I wouldn’t have any of the connections that I have. Beyond the promoters I reached an audience that would have never heard of me before.”

Barnum said she would like to work on a studio-recorded album in the future. “If I could work with Shane (Woodley) again and if I could bring Milton on, I would absolutely love to so a studio recorded album.”

The album will be available on December 10 from Rock Island Café and Music Box on Reid Street.