Let&rsquo;s get creative: Tracey Caswell decorates her house for a Mexican themed night for her huband&rsquo;s birthday gift that &ldquo;kept on giving&rdquo;. <em>*Photo supplied</em>
Let’s get creative: Tracey Caswell decorates her house for a Mexican themed night for her huband’s birthday gift that “kept on giving”. *Photo supplied

FRIDAY, MAR. 16: The author of the popular expat survival guide to Bermuda, Tea With Tracey, is to about publish a new book.

In the book, Tracey Caswell tells the story of a rather unique “birthday gift that kept on giving”.

Fed up of buying the same old birthday gifts for her husband, year in and year out, she decided she needed to get creative.

Twelve Nights With Tracey charts her five year quest to add a little spice to her marriage.

“We had been married for 20 years and I just wasn’t going to buy him another pair of slippers, tie a book or CD,” she told the Bermuda Sun.

“If I couldn’t come up with something really fun and really interesting that got me excited then I wasn’t going to give him anything and we would stop this whole gift business.”

Uniting her husband’s three loves — food, travel and...Tracey — she staged a series of 12 elaborate theme nights focusing on different countries around the world.

With a limited budget (she didn’t want her husband to have to pay for his own present), she elicited the help of numerous Bermuda characters, including some well-known chefs and entertainers. 

What ensued were theme nights from Mexico, Jamaica, India, China and many more.

Twelve Nights is a far cry from Tea With Tracey but Caswell says there are some similarities that fans may find between the books. “The style is very casual and soft — I try to use the same humour and it’s very raw ‘me’. I am not trying to write a textbook or try to sound too intelligent but I try to pretend my girlfriend is there and I am telling her a story. That formula worked before so hopefully it will again.”

The official book launch takes place at the Bookmart tomorrow at 11am to 2pm or 3pm.