*Photo by Antoine Hunt
*Photo by Antoine Hunt

Andrew Park gave a highly entertaining talk about his iconic RSA Animate Series in collaboration with TED –Ed.

His company Cognitive Media is dedicated to “Creating animated films and telling stories that help people make sense of what is sometimes challenging and difficult to grasp content.”

His funny drawings accompany talks as diverse as the economy to the problems with modern education.

He created an ‘animate’ especially for the TEDx talk which outlined his journey from art school graduate to award-winning animator. He told the unlikely story of how a firm of accountants taught him to be an artist when they employed him as staff illustrator.

His story weaved from him scraping a living in Margate, UK, trying to search what it meant to be an artist, to the discovery that art can help to communicate important information.

The ultimate message was that in the technological age, there are so many more opportunities for the struggling artist.