An artist's impression of the boutique hotel to be built at the Morgan's Point resort. *Image supplied
An artist's impression of the boutique hotel to be built at the Morgan's Point resort. *Image supplied
MONDAY, SEPT. 13: The $2 billion redevelopment of Morgan’s Point has come a step closer to reality.

Property developer Southlands Ltd. and government signed on the dotted line of the Southlands land swap deal in front of the island’s media today.

The exchange agreement means that the Southlands estate looks set to become a national park.

It is the government’s plan to proceed with the five-star luxury hotel development at Morgan’s Point during the next legislative session.

Premier and Tourism Minister Dr. Ewart Brown vowed that the government would do everything it could to ensure success of this project.

The resort will include a boutique hotel, a resort hotel, golf course, condominiums, shops, restaurants, conference centre, boat club, pier and marina.

A bill still has to go taken through Cabinet to make the agreement official, but it is hoped that work will start as soon as the former U.S. naval base has been cleaned up.

Dr. Brown said the exchange agreement fulfilled “the promise to the people of Bermuda” to preserve Southlands.

He said: “This development will receive significant scrutiny as it proposes to occupy the last large tract of land ripe for tourism development. 

“Bermuda is on its way to positioning itself for significant tourism success. Projects like this at Morgan's Point will lead the way in that effort.”

Minister of Works and Engineering Derrick Burgess said he shared the Premier’s “optimism and excitement” about the resort.

Mr. Burgess said: “I have no doubt that the proposed new development will do much to enhance our Island’s tourism product and assist in ensuring that Bermuda remains a destination of choice in world tourism.”

Craig Christensen, CEO of Southlands Ltd., said: “We have always envisioned an exciting tourism product for our island and we believe that Morgan’s Point will be a significant development that all Bermudians can be proud of.”