A pink hibiscus flower. *Photos supplied
A pink hibiscus flower. *Photos supplied


For architect Alex Allardyce, Bermuda’s buildings are one of its most attractive assets.

It is his love of the island’s houses and townscapes that has inspired part of his upcoming exhibition at the Bermuda Society of Arts, Hail To Bermuda, named after the anthem.

His architectural skills have helped him to reproduce some of the built up landscapes on the island while his skills as an artist have helped him to capture the light and shadow.

Mr. Allardyce said: “My exhibition is really a response to Bermuda because as an architect I find the houses and roofs stunningly sculptural, and the way the late afternoon light catches them — it’s extraordinary with all the different colours of the houses.

“Being an architect certainly draws me to buildings and townscapes in the exhibition. It’s something about the pure forms around and the colours and the pyramidical roofs.”

As well as the houses of Bermuda, Mr. Allardyce has also painted a number of close up flowers. These include a vividly coloured pink hibiscus, pictured above.

Mr. Allardyce went to art school in Glasgow and ­Edinburgh and studied painting and architecture as well as some graphic arts.

He has exhibited in London before but never in Bermuda. His partner is Bermudian and so he has been visiting the island for around five years.

“I was really inspired by the light and colours in Bermuda so wanted to take painting it seriously. I got in touch with the Bermuda Society of Arts and I’ve been working on this exhibition for the past two and a half years.

“My art is very realist and figurative — it’s not abstract at all. It is drawing on and emphasizing colours and shadows to create an image that is quite powerful.

“It will be interesting to see what the Bermuda public thinks of them.”

The exhibition comprises about 12 to 15 pieces all related to Bermuda. The exhibition opens on September 3.