TUESDAY, SEPT. 18: Imagine Bermuda and the organizations represented here, invite fellow Bermuda residents to join in the observance of the U.N. International Day of Peace on Friday, September 21, 2012, connecting with people around the Globe. We stand here together today, representing: employers & unions, Christians & Muslims, young & old, town & country; symbolic of the fact that Peace is based on maintaining deep respect for others, in the face of any differences.

While the international observance will bring attention to the numerous open Global conflicts often portrayed in the media, there is relevance to us in Bermuda. Each of us has a role to play in bringing peace to our family, our neighbourhood, our island and our World. But to start, we can all affirm; let peace begin with me.

A number of organizations representing the various sectors of our society –including the John Lennon Peace Concert Committee - are joining in this observance, welcoming residents island-wide to participate in various ways:

• Everyone - wherever you are at the time – can join in observing One minute of silence at Noon on September 21st; as that marker circles through each time-zone of the Globe.

• Please join local artists and representatives – as well as Maxi Priest & other visiting entertainers – at a Gathering at City Hall from 11.45 am – 12.45 pm on Friday, September 21st in an observance and celebration of Peace. The program will include music and poetry.

• We are inviting schools, churches and other organizations to join in highlighting peace as part of their programs over the weekend of September 21st.

• Each One can play a part by taking a step towards building peace with one other person in our lives, over that period.

Our island of late, has been experiencing various challenges, not the least being a cycle of violence. Let us join with millions of our Human Family around the Globe in this step to transform our societies, so that we can move forward towards that ideal of a peaceful community.

Represented include: Cedarbridge, BHS, BEC, BPSU, BUT, Chamber of Commerce, Christian community, Corporation of Hamilton, Corporation of St. George, Muslim community.