Neo Griot: Andra Simons performs tonight. *Photo supplied
Neo Griot: Andra Simons performs tonight. *Photo supplied

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 16: Award winning Bermudian poet, writer and director Andra Simons is to perform his theatrical poetry at Chewstick tonight.

Simons is a co-founder of the Chewstick movement’s predecessor the Flow Sunday Series and is a recipient of the Bermuda Gold Award and the Golden Inkwell for his plays and poetry.

His show will be one of Chewstick’s Neo Griot Sessions which are designed to highlight local artists and celebrate live entertainment. His performance will combine music, video and voice in a reading of his original works. Simons will be reading from his debut collection The Joshua Tales published by Treehouse Press as well as from his new work Two Steps on the Water. He returns to the island from London where he has been living and performing.

Chewstick’s administrative officer Deidra Lee Bean said: “This performance will no doubt leave the audience in awe… Both collections are from the perspective of an island people seeking tangible fragments of hope, purpose and redemption.”

She said the performance would be: “A definite eye-opener for the synthesis of performance poetry and a treat for those who appreciate the dark and unusual”.

The opening act to Simons will be 1undread, a band “incorporating jazz, funk on the organic side and IDM and dub on the electronic side.”

“These two acts will no doubt be a perfect complement as each embarks on their own unique method of self-exploration and storytelling,” Bean added.

All Neo Griot performances are streamed live on the Chewstick website ( and stored in their archives to share with listeners around the world. Tickets are $10 with part proceeds in aid of The Chewstick Foundation. Chewsitck’s headquarters is on the corner of Court Street and Elliott Street.